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  1. review Break Testing Climbing Cams

    Here is the latest ... with loading over an edge in real rock Climbing cams pulled over and edge
  2. Liberty Ridge - Ski descent accident

    touche' ... dig the Rackliff woodcut Avatar
  3. Liberty Ridge - Ski descent accident

    Keep in mind ... 30 ~ 40 years ago, Lib Ridge, Willis Wall and the rest of the north side of Rainier was a bit different animal
  4. Break Testing Climbing Cams video worth checking out
  5. Dee Molenaar has passed at 101

    great video ... thanks for posting the lnk
  6. [TR] Cabinet Mountains - Multiple 03/21/2020

    Awesome ... thanks for sharing
  7. Dee Molenaar has passed at 101

    "the brotherhood of the rope" .. I always loved that phase
  8. wanted to buy cilogear SMALL 40B worksac

    I'll third the motion for CCW ... I've been using a Chernobyl and a custom Valdez for a number of years, (Chernobyl has got to be pushing 20 years old by now) ... rock solid, bomber construction and great customer service. The custom Valdez (40L) Randy made for me included a padded, Chernobyl like hip-belt with gear/tool loops for a better carry with heavier loads, replacing the newer fixed crampons straps with his original design of daisy chains and removable/replaceable straps along with a couple internal daisy's A 40L pack on a 14.5" torso could be a challenge ... Thank you Mr Rackliff
  9. Well this is kinda scary to watch

    huevos cojones
  10. Mt Adams for first AT trip

    As JasonG mentions above ... July is typically too late for descent skiing on Adams ... go early in the season ... watch for road reports on NF-500 and how close you can get to Cold Springs Campground, consider skiing the last mile or two of the road.
  11. New forum software!

    Cheers to the admin and mods .... nicely done. Does this mean the end to the jumping, turgid sausage?
  12. 1 week - end of march - alpine where?

  13. Congrats ... nicely done.
  14. Sobo & Larry .. thanks for the photo .. that would be one hell of a stem, I'm assuming even more of a stem than the upper portion of Wildcat Crack