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  1. Just do a search on Ebay I saw it for cheap in 95 packet box
  2. Neri

    Axar Vs Rage

    I have the Rage and I absolutely LOVE them the tool just looking for a placements it self I highly recommend it to anyone who have small hands for any terrain (I had the cobra personally didn’t know what the Oho…..Aha... about them and definitely not worth the price in today market) I got my rage brand sparkling new for under $300 which is what is the max that Ill pay for any pair of tools out there [ 12-24-2001: Message edited by: Neri ]
  3. quote: Originally posted by al: Its the piece of gear you need, when you need it. Not your "favorite", left back at the car. Its pretty much the gear I need when I need it that happens to be also my favorite and I’ll be domed If I left it in the car
  4. My 5 X 8 Integral Design tarp and endurance sleeping bag cover, my nylon Western Mountaineering Apache sleeping bag, Patagonia puff ball, petzl micro, Arc’teryx Gamma SV jacket, makalu boots, GoLite Gust, my Cassin aluminum crampons and my Grivel air tech racing that’s practically sums my favorite gear also the gear I almost always take with me
  5. Das parka - Patagonia Belay Jacket - Wild things my 0.02
  6. Three words Lowa Civetta extreme works so good as a plastic boot. As for leather, I must say either the Trango extreme or the Nepal top extreme words will not help here just try it and you will see then get them at Barrabes [ 12-14-2001: Message edited by: Neri ]
  7. Neri

    Ice axes?

    I agree with all previous posts. Grivel Air tech is the way to go and Barrabes is the place to get it at. Guide rules for right length are: if the spike touches the ground while you standing bear foot holding it in the head - its way too long. Now open your hand and measure from the tip of your fingers to the ground. That should be the max length of axe shaft for you. Now, get the axe that is closer to it in head to spike length and prefer the shorter one if you smack in the middle between lengths.
  8. Only 2 days from order to my door step (I live in NYC) Barrabes rule it take Mgear 5 business days and Mgear a lot more expensive. to accomplish the same thing [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Neri ]
  9. Great topic thanx for the info watch out for the hype I Guess
  10. Both choices are good. I had the Cobra, sold it then got the Rage and now happier then ever. Better grip, durable, plunge with the same ease in snow like the Cobra and easier to choke and mantel on. Therefore, what is boil down to is personal preference. The Cobra fatigue the hell out of my hands felt awkward on long climbs and I like the balance of the Rage for dry tooling.I also own the older Rambo with silver shaft; one thing that I can say about these tools is that these are phenomenal tools.Moreover, about the regret mention earlier. I regret buying the Cobra purely out of rumors, social pressure and hype. The tools are decent but, not worth its price. when there is such an extensive high quality selection of Ice tools out there [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Neri ]
  11. Neri

    Shell Sale

    I have couple of shells to sale I have posted them on EbaySo for description go there 1050034100 – like new XL Moonstone Savage Goretax parka 1050050503 - Patagonia one piece mountaineer/climber suite you can also email me for a better deal if not using Ebay [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Neri ]
  12. Barrabes is pretty good when it come to shipping their order promptly. BUT the courier company DHL, is a bunch of Stupid morons it took 2 days for the package to arrive from Spain to Kennedy airport in NYC; and, it took 9 days for DHL to deliver the package to Manhattan, NYC some 7 miles away from the airport. [This message has been edited by Neri (edited 08-31-2001).]
  13. For a while I’m entertaining the idea if getting a new cook set - Titanium in particular. My questions are Dose it worth the investment? What are the Pro and con of it? Any recommendation of make and/or set? ------------------ Neri Carmi nericarmi@yahoo.com
  14. I had something similar on my left pinky tow. The bone over time started to point to the inside of the foot causing a corn in the inside of my tow. (And man what a pain…) I have been told that this is common And they can do several things to relieve it but there only one thing to solve it (operation) I have delay this option for so long (15 years) but recently I have done it. I have only one thing to say: I should have done it very long time ago I feel so much better [This message has been edited by Neri (edited 08-24-2001).]
  15. Hi Jman When climbing in the northwest with rigid crampons in vertical frame design, on glacier or snowfield, they will ball up pretty much like cookie cutter on butter dough. But it depends on snow conditions, the wetter the snow and the higher the temperature the higher the balling affect is. If on glacier and alpine ice try to stay away from rigid - vertical design in the northeast its slightly different story because of different climate [This message has been edited by Neri (edited 08-24-2001).] [This message has been edited by Neri (edited 08-24-2001).]
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