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  1. Looking at a trip in the spring, I am wondering how many folks out there have gotten away with running single layer boots (nepal top or other) at these lower elevations. I always ran double boots on all my previous Ruth trips, but I seem to remember partners who ran single layer boots that time of year maybe with overbooties? That was 15/20 years ago. I know the tech has changed. GO!
  2. nightfly

    Miter Mite

    Were headed up for some skiing but i'm thinking of taking a detour for a day. Is the ice still in back there? I can't remember if the upper part sees sun yet and if that make's it considerably more dangerous due to rockfall? Any thoughts? Will the park still let you get snowmobiles back there this time of year? Road to Nowhere? Anybody been back ther lately? What's in, big, and Fat? Regards
  3. For sale: 188 Voilkl Vetgio gereat shape drilled for silverta composits 100.00 185 Volant chubbs skied on three times 100.00 175 Ramer shortcuts with ramer rondane` great ice access skis 150.00 Vasque Ice 9000 size 41 1/2 brand new used three days 175.0 La sportiva evo gtx size 41 good shape 65.00 black diamond Ice gloves size M new never used 65.00 please email me @ nightfly45@yahoo.com i am in Western Colorado
  4. nightfly


    I am intrested in the #1 and a .75 and the .25 write me an email nightfly45@yahoo.com
  5. They are not C4's but they are single stem and in good shape.
  6. I have a few extra #2's, looking to trade for a #1 or a #3.5 or a #5 friend. Any takers
  7. We seconded it a week days after Ivan and his partner. We were up on the route canal for the Ham and Eggs when they were out on their little foray. I don't remember if they backed off because of the snow or what, maybe they were jsut in craging mode. I cannot remember. I do remember they kept us well fed bcause we did not bring up enough food. Snow condidtions were ugly that year, and I am sure they encountered the same shit as us. A little crust on top of three feet of unconsolated TG. pretty scarry for the steep snow climbing. Pretty fun and fairly reasonable. A good bump up from the H & E before getting on Shaken or Levatation
  8. The "Unforgiven" is the left leaning slash inbetween the two big hangers on climzalot first pict. It would be a good way to summit both the Bear & the Eye tooth. Snow conditions were pretty shitty when we topped her out so we chose to bail, but given the right snow you would be crusing rather quickly once out onto the gaicer on the left. P1: m5 (fairly serious) P2: long snow P3: scetchy thin ice m5/wi5 P4&5: "the sweetness" killer sticky water ice in a long chimney.
  9. What size is it, if she is anywhere around a 160 consider it sold!
  10. nightfly

    Ruth Gorge

    Hey all, trying to get stoked on the next year already loooking for good picts of the ruth in general, lower ruth, good photos of bradly - espechally the east face and london tower. please email to nightfly45@yahoo.com
  11. Hey i may be dopey; but at least i get up shit. and that guy looks like a hardman to me.
  12. All I can say after growing up there is look for the cairns they should still be there even after six years hike up about a thosand feet and poke areound there are sme good to be had keep going for another fifteen minutes (on a dry trail) up and around when the trail starts to jog right park it and head straight up you are aiming for a large yosemite style corner that acesses a rather large chossy wall. winter only as things migth need to be frozen. there are a few shitty sport climbs in and around as well. Rock on
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