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  1. That looks really fun (except for the shwacking) and beautiful, thanks for posting!
  2. Solid Gold c2c

    I’m in good hiking shape and permitless, so looking to do this car to car. Ive done Backbone ridge and Acid Baby c2c in recent weeks and would love to go back there for one more this summer. Ideally Monday 8/26 but I could be talked into other days. Give me a shout if interested, thanks!
  3. Yeah, I also found the access to the ridge to be slightly harrowing late July last year. I expected a fairly direct approach from the rap across the glacier to the ridge, but we kept butting up against crevasses that weren’t visible from above, so this forced us down and to the right. As we neared the ridge the terrain became steep, icy, and riddled with crevasses. Some pro would have been nice but we had none. After traversing above gaping crevasses we reached a moat too wide to cross so I made a bollard, rapped about 10 feet into it, then scrambled up the rock on the other side and found a spot for a gear anchor for my partner. This was probably around 200 feet above the toe of the ridge and the rock climbing was immediately straightforward once on the ridge. I think it was a good place to get on, but very exposed on the way there.
  4. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Stuart Glacier Couloir 05/05/2019

    Awesome! Saw your headlamps when I woke up for the ICG. For what it’s worth I found the booting totally miserable both the way there and back
  5. Triple Couloirs 3/30

    Thinking of bivying at the road end Friday night and climbing car to car on Saturday. PM me if looking for a partner and we can hash it out.
  6. [TR] Chair Peak - NE Buttress 01/27/2019

    Great climbing with you!
  7. Chair Peak North Face - 2/3

    Also interested. Climbed NEB on 1/27 and ran into a party on the way out who did the N Face and reported that it was great. Feel free to drop a line
  8. Chair NEB 1/26 or 1/27

    Thinking about it, preferably Sunday. If you’re interested let me know.
  9. I’m free 8/30 - 9/1 and hoping for another hit of the n cascades good stuff. I had early morning spire on the brain, maybe dorado needle too, but my partner lost some days off. Get in touch if that sounds good or if you want to do something similar. Thanks!
  10. NW Face Forbidden - W ridge notch approach

    Thanks @ccox42 !
  11. NW Face Forbidden - W ridge notch approach

    Thanks @JasonG that looks like no kinds of fun
  12. Anyone done this approach this year? Or this time of year in the last couple years? I haven't found much info on it and I'm wondering what the rap anchors are like and if I should expect moat shenanigans. Appreciate any info.
  13. Buckner NF 6/17-18

    Bump. Weather’s looking so good. If you have the same dates free but Buckners not your thing, be advised that I really just wanna go climb something. Some rock would be nice too.
  14. Buckner NF 6/17-18

    Wanna take Monday off and do Buckner or something similar? Let me know. I’d like to approach from Boston basin trail and tag Sahale. Then take horseshoe basin + salahe arm on the way back.
  15. Weekend Climb 12/8 or 12/9 - 12/10

    Chair's NEB has been on my mind. I'm free on the 10th, and could get free for the 11th.