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  1. I mean, they are both stupid on the weekends. Atleast less or no other people in whatever zone you going into around Stevens... but the traffic going west on hwy 2.
  2. That release was on a south facing 45-50 degree slope, maybe 6” deep down to the sun crust. I’ve mostly been skiing around Stevens, Cle valley and Baker with my usual supects in recent years. I do really like Snoqualmie though. When its good its really good. I just feel like the elevation causes it to run just warm enough. Less likely for me to catch a good window on a weekend
  3. First time back to the Snoqualmie environs since 2019. It was a Snoquality day. Great snow on all but direct S. aspects, which were about of 10" of powder on a stout crust.
  4. Brand new ski-centric version of my 30l. Added a removable hip belt, adjusted the dimensions and added separate sleeves for the shovel handle and probe. The side compression straps can get looped through the lash loops on the back of the pack to accommodate ice axe or diagonal carry options.
  5. Can't make this one! Next time!
  6. I will say that the toebox on the tx guides is very narrow, go figure with sportiva
  7. I like my La Sportiva tx guides if I need an approach shoe. Or I just use one of my eight pairs of old trail runners.
  8. I know of a fun ride that circumnavs White Chuck. Lots o' big cedars. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28150736
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