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  1. It was awesome! My buddy and I connected p1,2 and p3,4. I think that's the best way to do it if you're both comfortable at the grade. I wish pitch 5 went on forever, so good! Overall such a quality route. You did a great job with the Vesper routes man. I wouldn't feel too much regret if I were you, that face is just begging to be climbed. I think having more routes on it was just inevitable.
  2. My mistake, my pre-coffee morning brain took your yesterday as Sunday for some reason when you meant Saturday. That just puts the usage into better perspective. I don't think the newer routes on Vesper will have any problem staying clean.
  3. I was out there on Fish and Whistle yesterday and "only" counted 13 climbers on various routes on the face, including my friend and I. That was in the morning before 11 or 12. Not sure when Bronco counted 30. Anyway, it's quite evident that that area specifically is getting a lot of use. The trail was noticeably more beaten in since the last time I was there. Ragged edge and True Grit are becoming/have become mega popular.
  4. Climbing/bouldering near Joseph, Oregon

    I had no idea about this area. Looks awesome!
  5. Yeah I'm far more concerned about physical damage to tubular webbing as it doesn't have a rip-stop weave to it if I remember correctly. So tears and nicks can propagate easily. Sun bleaching comes very quick to nylon. I agree that tat probably gets added way more often than it needs to. I like a nice tidy rap station where you don't have to ask "What the hell is going on here?". Some of the stations on Chimney Rock last year had ten pieces of tat each which is just insanity. Very safe, but insane and an eye sore.
  6. I've got to admit, seeing your stuff from Peru these last two trips has definitely peaked my interest in climbing there.
  7. Trip: Forbidden Peak - East Ridge Direct Trip Date: 07/22/2019 Trip Report: Today my friend and I climbed the East Ridge Direct on Forbidden Peak 10.5 hours car to car. Spent last night at the trail head and started hiking very early. We got up into the upper basin around 4ish. I love how quick that trail shoots you out above the tree line. The approach was very manageable in the dark. We got up to the lone gendarme on the ridge and did a quick sorting of gear. We simul'd just about all of the route, taking turns leading out simul blocks. I thought the climbing and rock quality to be really good. Especially the 5.7 and 5.8 gendarme pitches along with the knife edge traverse section. We summited at 8:30 and stopped to take a few photos and rig the first rappel to get down to the east ledges. You see a lot of rap tat below you along the way while you're climbing but don't pay attention to any of those. I highly recommend doing exactly 5 single rope rappels that trend slightly east straight down from the summit. This puts you in easier terrain on the east ledges. I've seen a lot of talk about the ledges being terrifying and stressful. While I agree that they can be loose and manky, and you definitely don't want to fall, they were way more mellow than I was expecting. Just take your time and look for the occasional cairn. The decent back down from the start of the ridge to the car felt like it went really quick. This is a stellar route on a classic mountain and we had perfect weather to boot. Awesome day! Gear Notes: Single set of cams from .3 to 2", set of stoppers, 4 draws, 7 double length slings. Approach Notes: Light axe, aluminum crampons, and trail runners worked perfect.
  8. Room wanted in Seattle - Sept. 1st

    haha thanks Jason! I should also mention I'm looking for a year lease (or longer if it works out). I'm also pretty handy around the house.
  9. Room wanted in Seattle - Sept. 1st

    I know it's early yet but I'd thought I'd put this up now so people have time to maybe see it. First off my names Karsten and I'm a 29 year old male. I'm looking for a room with a lease starting around September 1st. Somewhere in the north side of the city (north of Lake Union) for commuting reasons. I'm pretty quiet and tend to keep to myself after work when I'm home. I would consider myself a clean and organized person and tend to clean as I go instead of doing a huge clean every now and then if I can help it. I don't smoke, but I don't mind if you do though. I work as an arborist for a private company, full time, Tuesday through Friday. I'm hoping to find a room in a house that has roommates that share similar interests as me. My interests include alpine and rock climbing, cycling, skiing and running. Also as a hobby, I make gear such as packs and other various kinds of bags. I would need space for my ski stuff (just one setup) and two bikes, the rest of my belongings could probably fit in the room just fine. An appreciation for art, music, and creativity are important to me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to contact me directly if need be.
  10. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 06/01/2019

    Didn't see any other major icefall. I don't think there was any debris over the bootpack/up track at any point. The one in my last photo the debris was still pretty far from the up track at its closest point, maybe somewhere around 50yds away?
  11. Trip: Mt. Baker - North Ridge Trip Date: 06/01/2019 Trip Report: Yesterday my friend and I climbed the north ridge of Mt. Baker in an 11 hour single push. Camped at the trail head Friday night and managed to maybe get 1.5 hours of sleep. Other cars we coming and going all hours of the night. Woke up at 2am and started hiking up shortly after. The trail has some snow up high as you near the tree line, but is either compact or firm if you go in the morning. Stream crossings were easy. We skinned from just above the tree line to just before the base of the north ridge. We did not rope up for the glacier travel as the snow was very solid. We started booting once we had to cross a narrow but solid snow bridge. We took the broad gully up to the base of the ice cliff and took a AI3/3+ pitch to gain the upper ridge. From there the conditions were very cruiser (AI2 and steep to moderate snow) and in no time were were at the summit. we stopped to eat, repack some things and get ready for the ski down. The upper section of the CD route was firm and didn't end up skiing much of that, switched back to booting after a bit. Started skiing again at the col between Baker and Colfax. Great skiing conditions from there back to the trail. Crevasses on the CD were very easy to navigate through/avoid as you just had to follow the bootpack. Gear Notes: Two pickets (used one) and six screws 2x16cm and 4x13cm Approach Notes: heliotrope ridge trail
  12. That trail is a quad blaster for sure.
  13. for sale Trango Cube GTX

    Are they still for sale? Are they The newer red ones?