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  1. It is not unusual to be asked to check a bag at any shop nowadays. People shouldn't take it personally -- whether or not they appear to be singled out for it. Engagement of the customer is another issue. I personally prefer not to be overly "engaged" unless I have a question, and I find overbearing salespeople to be ... well ... really off-putting.
  2. Hubba HP is 2lbs 9oz...freestanding double wall...redesigned and lighter than the full mesh Hubba! Nice. Does the minimum weight on the Hubba HP include the second wall? That Six Moons Lunar Duo looks like a great tent for hot nights!
  3. Actually, I just want to rent it. The closer to Laurelhurst the better, but I'm currently renting a garage in Kirkland, so I'll consider a "commute" ... Looking for something clean and secure for my motorcycle and assorted other gear that won't fit in my <300sqft cabin. Willing to share garage space. PM me - my current garage-lord is buying a new place and I might need to be out as soon as August 15th.
  4. I like my Osprey Exposure but my selection of viable packs is a lot narrower than most. (Due to my [lack of] size.) Osprey doesn't make this particular pack anymore, but you can still buy them from a bunch of places online. (I'm not sure what Osprey's comparable replacement is for it in their new line-up.)
  5. Such pretty photos. I especially like this one: :tup:
  6. Well put. The ratings system is not a standardized measurement by any means.
  7. A small unofficial gathering of the Cascade Backcountry Ski Patrol is happening tonight. Come meet a few of us and ask all the you want. Some of us are showing up at 6:00 to catch the last 30 minutes of happy hour; others will trickle in as they can. PM me for the top-secret classified location (on the water, near UW).
  8. Solos are sweet no matter what -- even when they are "demoralizing." Heck, that's partly what's about. Thanks for sharing, BillA. Bet you do another one ...
  9. Montbell Crescent 2 Not free-standing, but you won't get free-standing under 3 lbs ... Single pole. Packs small. Partial mesh to keep the f'ing bugs out ... Under 3 lbs. Much, much under if you don't carry all of the extra stuff you don't really need (like the 9 tent stakes). (PMS might have one you can set up and crawl inside if you want to check sizing, etc.)
  10. Climbers care if there is moss and dirt on routes. More boots equals less dirt. Climbers who are afraid to get dirty!
  11. And why would we want more people at the crags??? Personally I would like to see things around here kept as "alpine" as possible. To me that's part of the charm. I don't think routes care how popular they are anyway. And isn't route-finding just part of the game?
  12. $200 for a deleted post?
  13. Nice TR. I have yet to make it out to the Pass. (A shame, I know.) Your pictures are quite enticing, but I would probably do my best to avoid the mosquito season! ;-)
  14. Sweet!!! Way to rock it, Drew!!! Did you put M&M's at the top of the routes for him?
  15. If anyone would like to find out more, a few of us are getting together for adult beverages on Tuesday night (in Seattle). PM me for details.
  16. Hmm ... I think I remember rapping down the route first; then climbing back up ... Fun route!
  17. That is NOT a very flattering picture of that poor creature!
  18. I can't resist: the title alone should have them lining up! LOL! Or running in the other direction!
  19. Goodness; I hope so! If the rangers can't qualify for soloing, they probably shouldn't be rangers! Nobody should be freaking out about this accident. Rangers aren't gods; they're people. And people have accidents. Accidentally.
  20. Mmm ... DMM ... This thread almost makes me want to go climbing. Or at least to the store to fondle some new cams ...
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