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  1. Give me a couple of days (realistically later next week, going skiing this weekend) to get everything out of my basement, I'll send you a pic with everything laid out.
  2. Crampons: Black Diamond Cyborg Pro $100 Used half a dozen times, some of the paint is scratched, otherwise great shape. Never sharpened/filed, in near-new condition. Feel free to email or text me (don't check my PMs too often). Erik 404-eight 0 eight-3468 edenninghoff AT hotmail dot com
  3. Spring cleaning time, I have a load of ropes and slings of various ages and wear. Would like to get rid of them but don't want to just toss them. Anybody know of any places/people interested in the used ropes? Some have near zero wear (like my glacier and ice twin ropes) but are 10 or more years old. Cheers.
  4. Bump! It's that time of year again. Crampons still available, hit me up if you're interested.
  5. I purchased this but just never got into bouldering, it's never been used. I believe it's the Metolius Cheap Bastard model, nice offset/diagonal hinge so there's no soft spots. Both open and closed cell foam. $50 firm. PM me and I'll get you pics.
  6. EDIT: Most of the gear is gone, get it while it's hot! Ice Gear for Sale All of the gear is in excellent shape. Most of it is either new or near-new. I’m only trying to unload it as I’ve come to the realization that I’m just not going to be an ice-climber. I’m pretty firm on the prices, but willing to give a discount if you buy a bunch of stuff. PM me and I’ll text/email you further pics upon request. Local pick up in Portland preferred; cash, PayPal, or SquareCash accepted. Crampons: Black Diamond Cyborg Pro $100 Used half a dozen times, some of the paint is scratched, otherwise great shape. Never sharpened/filed, in near-new condition. Gloves: BD Punisher Gloves, Mens Small $20 Cheers! Erik
  7. So... All the crevasses were filled? Sounds safe sans rope, eh? Pics?! Glad you had a good trip, cheers.
  8. Rad trip! Noticed you belaying the second on autoblock off your rope... Pretty ingenious way to extend the anchor, I'll have to try that. Is that a butterfly knot?
  9. Three Sisters Wilderness in central OR might fit the ticket. Four mile hike in to Green Lakes, then plenty of stuff to explore on day hikes.
  10. Three of us drove down on Sunday for some touring in the Sisters, but the weather hasn't been kind. We ended up just climbing at Smith. According to the rangers, Cascade Lakes Hwy is open only to Bachelor (still 2-4 ft snow beyond), so still a 4 mile skin in to the Green Lakes TH. On the east side, the road (I think it's state road 16?) is plowed about 2-3 miles from the Three Creek TH. Have fun, post a conditions report if you get out! -erik
  11. Thanks, Lowell, that's getting me more stoked! Been reading "Oregon High" and "Backcountry Ski! Oregon" looking at possible routes. We're not interested in any speed records, or even necessarily summiting each peak... I just think it'd be a superb outing for a few days. Cheers! Erik
  12. Nice... Just downloaded it and have been poking around on it. I really like the inclusion of the avy rose on the telemetry section. Strong work!
  13. This looks amazing... I can't tell from the description or the screenshots, but are Oregon areas included? What about backcountry areas (i.e. places with weather stations but not resorts, like St Helens)? If so, I'm sold! Nice work!
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