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  1. I actually never asked anyone if they were willing to share, but I'm not giving out all of my secrets. ;-) Although ... it does help if you don't have a lot of stuff and you naturally get up very, very early. (And lunch is whenever you tell me when/where to meet you!)
  2. The Cascade Backcountry Ski Patrol is the only backcountry ski patrol in the Northwest Region of the National Ski Patrol. Our motto is "no boundaries" because we do not operate under the management of an organized ski area. "We primarily patrol the undeveloped backcountry ski trails and logging roads at Steven’s and Snoqualmie Passes and in 1999, started patrolling along the North Cascades Hwy (after the road opened)." We are a pretty laid back group of folks who like being on skis and earning our turns. The requirements to become a candidate and a patroller are listed on our Join Now page. OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care) is the number one requirement, and sign-ups take place very soon. Please contact Chris Paulsen (our new Patrol Director) for specifics. Also feel free to contact me or anyone listed on our Contact Us page for more information.
  3. Yeah; I was usually able to crash in someone's camp in Camp 4. Maybe find some nice folks that are willing/able to share?
  4. Mount Baker is actually not that steep or intimidating when you're ready to try one of the bigger volcanoes.
  5. I do most of my touring in the Norbert Joos with Dynafit bindings. It is incredibly light and performs so well that I can hardly ever justify taking out my fatter (and much, much heavier) gear. :-)
  6. Wow! What excellent photos!!! Unfortunately "just did" is relative and would be more than three weeks ago by the time we got there - plenty of time for conditions (e.g., the lake) to change. Looks like you hit it perfectly, though. I'm feeling a bit jealous! (What kind of camera are you using, by the way?)
  7. Thanks, Stinky. Sounds like it's done for the season. (I'm definitely not interested in swimming ... or bushwhacking for that matter.) Definitely appreciate the alternativee suggestions! The Spearhead's been on my list for quite some time ...
  8. I read the 4/24 TR. Anybody been up there lately and willing to offer some current beta?
  9. That 1976 photo is sweet as all get out! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Yeah ... if there were two people carrying one tent, this wouldn't really be an issue - I'm talking a one-person bivy or a one-person tent ... and just one person to carry it.
  11. Anybody here happen to have physically looked at (or even used) both the ID eVent Unishelter and that Montbell Crescent 1? I am seriously considering them both. The tent is 7 oz more in weight - couldn't find info on what size it packs down to ...
  12. In all of the beacons we had in my AVY class, the Barryvox and the Tracker had the best range of them and they were also easier to use for multiple burials. Almost any beacon is better than no beacon, though - just make sure you know how to use it. The more idiot-proof the better so you're not wasting time trying to remember how to use it.
  13. I checked it out, but when I printed the map (to PDF) there was nothing on the page. ???
  14. Fantastic pictures. I'm so happy to hear people are getting some ice climbing in around here! I mean, I'd rather hear it was me, but better someone else than no one. ;-)
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