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  1. For sale is my wife's nearly unused AT kit. Thought we'd give it a try but it's not for her. What it is: Skis: Black Diamond Kilowatt skis in 155 length (124-95-110) Bindings: G3 Onyx w/ Brakes (mounted) Skins: Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS, trimmed to full profile of ski, always stored on cheatsheets Boots: Scarpa Magic in 25.0 at a 286mm BSL - the skis/bindings are mounted for these boots. I'd like to get $600 but would entertain offers. Everything is in near perfect condition - no scratches on bases, even. Pics (click for LARGE image):
  2. This thing has gotten harder and harder to find on NPS/MRNP's website. It should be printed out and available to all at the camping/climbing permit stations. It's also missing a couple hazards like the Sarlacc pit near McClure Rock.
  3. K2 is not near the equator, it is at the same latitude as Mt. Whitney. (36 degrees North) and Adams is not 100miles from Hood, and native folklore refers to them as brothers, noth sisters too, but who wants to check facts with a post like that?
  4. thanks, i shop there all the time, I'm sure I'll use this.
  5. Snagged the last pair of BD Drifts Didn't have anymore Dynafit Vertical bindings though
  6. I had called around to a couple local ski shops looking for a replacement part for one of my bindings. One shop just flat out refused to help while the other, although seemingly willing to help, didn't follow through and left me with a still-broken binding. I wandered into Marmot Mountain Works on the way back from the mountains one day on chance and not only did they have the part I needed, but had two of them, with improved screws that wouldn't allow the part to fall off again (heel lift on G3 Onyx). They also provided them free of charge since I had bought the bindings there. I resolved then and there that I'd never go to the 'other' shops and I'd do all my shopping at SA, FF, and MMW from now on.
  7. I received excellent product advice and customer service today. Thanks for the Drifts
  8. I hastily tied off the back of my Subaru to a bridge railing after it was caught in flood waters to prevent it floating away. The rollback later used that rope (10.3mm Petzl Zephyr) to winch the car slowly out of the deeper water so he could hook up his steel cable to crank it onto the flatbed. I'd never use this rope for leading again but it's still fine for top-ropes.
  9. I'm interested in the Yakima Powderhound. Can the cores be removed? Also, I don't see the bar mounts in your photo. Are they lost?
  10. nhluhr

    Mt Adams climb

    Go on a weekday to avoid the big crowd.
  11. They will let you wear leather if you know that's what you want to wear and the weather looks reasonable for them.
  12. the 605g on the Camp XLC490 refers to the weight with antibotts.
  13. Great supplement to the print copy! Still worth purchasing the book as there's a lot more info in it.
  14. I was up there last weekend and Teanaway road is open all the way to the end, but very potholed. As of 6/5, the snow was around the 5200ft level and rising.
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