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  1. i got hella mad freshies off the peak chair at whistler yesterday!!!
  2. quote: Originally posted by robertm: You still have to hike every step of the approach, but with half the load and without getting lost in the manzanita along Charlotte Creek. what; no yaks???
  3. okay, okay ... squish is the shit!!!
  4. what do you mean they never leave the house? the women or the cats??? my cat's a serious homebody, but not me - no way. my cat's self-sufficient enough to survive 5 or 6 days alone ... should the ski conditions warrant it. i don't know about schooling any of you guys - at least not in the climbing realm, as i'm fairly new to it myself. but i definitely climb hard and am hoping to improve my skills at a death-defying rate.
  5. hey, i like boy george. he's a hottie!!! i don't think he plays the banjo, though.
  6. quote: BUT I HAVE ONE QUESTION? HOW DOES ONE NOT PHOTOGRAPH WELL?? DOES THE CAMERA BREAK?? I HAVE HEARD THIS BEFORE, BUT NEVER INQUIRED TO WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANT. [/QB] geez; i hope i'm not *that* ugly!!! it basically means that the subject either looks better or markedly different in person. (my cat has the same problem - he looks like hell in pictures, but up close and personal he's just a big ball of fur.) personally, i just don't like pictures. of myself, i mean. except for the one in my passport.
  7. quote: if she was truly a goddess, she'd bless us with a self-portrait of adaquate size and quality to make our own appraisal.lol; there's good reason my website isn't plastered with pictures of myself - it's not *that* kind of site, thank you! honestly, though, i don't photograph well. in any case, appraisals are best made crag-side. and i climb because i love climbing.
  8. quote: to pick up chicksinteresting ... as a chick i never thought of climbing as a way to pick up dudes. you guys aren't all that cute, you know.
  9. Squamish is the ***!!! I can't give you anything to follow, but I'm game on working on skills together. I might be heading up this weekend; haven't decided for sure yet, though.
  10. i love squish and am very interested in the city, but right now i only have mondays free. i'd be up for some cragging if it's not *too* far away from seattle ... depending on the difficulty and what you're looking for in a partner.
  11. a friend and i were climbing at smith friday through sunday. god, was the weather incredible yesterday!!! that was my first time down there, and it was all good ... though my fingers sure are swollen today. (!) there were a lot of really good climbers to watch, and i don't think i saw one soul that wasn't enjoying him or herself. my favorite climbs were the ones we finished out saturday and sunday with: phoenix and cosmos. ps - saturday night we went to dinner at some "roadhouse" in redmond. there are peanut shells all over the floor and that steak was the perfect end to a helluva long day of climbing fun. mmm.
  12. and maybe i missed it, but is there a specific time?
  13. i believe there was only one vehicle in the lot when we pulled in ...
  14. we were the second group up diedre "bright and early" on saturday. didn't lose any biners on the way down, but lost a reverso with a biner on the approach. anybody find that? it was borrowed gear, so'd be great if i could return it ... btw, despite the slippery slopes diedre was a ton of fun!!!
  15. I chose to travel over the "last part" of a glacier on my way down from Baker once. It wasn't really justifiable from a safety standpoint as you put it; I just didn't want to be roped up anymore. Two of us opted out of being roped up; two of us didn't. I don't think the risk was all that reasonable, but then again there are many of us who do risky things every day ... driving without a seatbelt on, having a few too many drinks, etc.
  16. If I was going to climb Hood I wouldn't even think to bring snowshoes. Crampons are a must, though. I did see some guy summit in his "tennis shoes" but he also wasn't roped up, and I frankly don't think he was all that bright.
  17. www.telemark-pyrenees.com This is a French website carrying mountaineering gear. The selection is not as expansive as that carried by Barrabes, but the prices are 9-times-out-of-10 better. If you get a few things or pool orders with one or two buddies, even with the hefty DHL shipping you'll come out on top of ... say ... REI.
  18. You guys are freakin' me out! I've heard about ticks falling off trees and hitchin' rides out of the brush ... but climbing out of cracks on walls??? That's not a very encouraging thought to a new climber who now has one more thing to worry about when she sticks her fingers in a hole somewhere!
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