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  1. Congratulations John! Your climbs are an inspiring to me. Now lets see some more pics!
  2. [TR] - Bingo World WI 6+ 12/22/2011

    Very Nice! See you next month bro, maybe you can throw a rope on it for me?
  3. Chugach State Park Permanent Anchor Ban

    Either way a ban on fixed anchors in the CSP would suck. The flyer brings up a lot of good points to bring up to the DNR, but so does John. I think figuring out the reason why they are proposing this ban is essential information to have before proposing a rebuttal. Any and all communication to the "authorities" needs to come from a unified voice of climbers. It needs to be well thought out, and offer ways forward that appeal to both parties. If the reaseon for the ban IS that the DNR is angry about retro bolting, then this issue needs to be adressed to them in a way that shows the climbing community in Anchorage is concerned as well. How can we show the DNR we are concerned about our environmental impact (even if they aren't)? Any anchors will be camoflaged, efforts will be made to mininmize fixed anchors, climber information campaigns, etc. All of that stuff that we should be doing anyways needs to be imparted to them. Anyone know if the AF has been contacted yet? They're pretty good at this stuff...
  4. Nice ticks. It's always fun climbing with Craig. I need to get there soon. Craig and I had a go at Cleo's last year and I'd love to go back and finish it. Who led Airborne Ranger? Mad props to whoever it was!
  5. Deep Creek Spokane?

    Deep CReek doesn't suck. There are a lot of very fun, steep routes. Being a sport area there is a certain amount of reinforced holds and what not, but if you like steep, pumpy climbing the place is sweet. That said, McClellan is my personal favorite in town. Tons of great bouldering and sport climbing, and a good selection of tough trad lines. Wish I didn't have to work this Wednesday...
  6. Trip: Sawtooths, Elephants Perch - Date: 8/19/2010 Trip Report: This place is pure shit. The rock is more rotten than Courtney Love's hoohoo, the camping might as well be in a homeless shelter, the lakes are stagnant and smell like a kiddie pool, and the approach makes the worst Cascades bush-wack seem like an all-nighter with The Girls Next Door. We did several routes on this pile and a new one on a lesser formation, but it started out poor and got worse as we went higher. Seriously folks there is absolutely no reason to visit this truly awful and atrocious place. There is nothing new left to do here and it wouldn't be any fun even if there were. Check out our vid if you need evidence, but be warned... [video:youtube] Approach Notes: Don't come here
  7. Pika Glacier Info

    I was there last June and can point you in the right direction. Gev me a few days as I'll working for a bit, but my email is calderjp@gmail.com. I can send some pics as well if you want. The place is so much fun. Get ready for a great trip!
  8. [TR] British Columbia - Gibralter Wall 1/7/2010

    Nice Job. I love that wall, it's so much fun. I was wondering how it was coming this year. Thanks for posting.
  9. Banks Lake

    Selkirk, I went out there yesterday pretty much knowing what I'd find. The Devil's Punchbowl area was still in but getting thin in places and very wet. The deathcicles have mostly broken off, but a big came off while we were there, not a safe route. Wangchung, climbing under deathcicles is dangerous, not shooting them.
  10. Banks Lake

    Selkirk, I tried to shoot the big one off once, with a 30-06 as a matter of fact, and it was indeed early in the morning. Two shots did nothing to it. Later in the day however, while doing a TR lap on the punchbowl it did come off. No one was hurt but I nearly had to buy some new pants. Next time I'll bring a .300 and I won't stop till it's gone. Ammo is just so expensive these days. Hawkeye, I may be going there this friday. If I do i'll post up conditions on this thread.
  11. Arden, nice! Wish I could've gone with you guys to finish it up. Going to Leavenworth this weekend if you're interested.
  12. I'll be leaving Spokaloo tomorrow morning for the detour. If anyone from this regiona is thinking of heading down you can ride with me if wanted/needed. I don't have a solid partner for the weekend so hit me up. I lead.
  13. Smith Rock Detour

    I also intend to head down tomorrow morning from Spokane. If anyone here needs a ride let me know.
  14. ice cliff arete 9/1/2009

    Fun TR Arden, you F-ing liberal.