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  1. someone's selling 1500+ new pairs for $18K (~$12/pair?) http://www.ebay.com/itm/1500-Pairs-Karhu-Backcountry-Telemark-Snow-Skis-/110490213141
  2. Bummer it's the same time as the American Alpine Club gathering at Index (9/10)... at least RMF is 2 days
  3. The insurance company works for REI, not the other way around. They do not have to follow what the ins co's attorneys say. They could actually accept the court's decision & get a second chance to do the right thing, stand behind their defective product. They didn't. Hope they do not get a 3rd chance to shirk out of their responsibilities & the appeals court sides with Monika. Rooting for her attorney(s)...
  4. FYI (I'm not affiliated w/ any org, just reposting) When: Friday Dec 3, 2010 – 6:00-9:00 PM Where: St. Andrews Episcopal Church 111 NE 80th St, Seattle (Greenlake area) (1 block west of I-5/NE 80th Exit Link to Google Map) Nordic Ski SWAP to benefit the Snoqualmie Nordic Club and The Mountaineers Foothills Branch SKI PROGRAM Bring your gear XC, Telemark or Randonnee ski or snowshoe gear, clothing and accessories and sell it at the U-sell Nordic Ski Swap. Or come and buy ski or snowshoe gear or accessories to outfit yourself, your family or friends for the winter ski season. If selling, bring your gear at 5:30 PM to set up, you sell it, and donate 15% of the proceeds. Can’t make the Nordic ski swap but have gear to donate? We are accepting donated ski and snowshoeing gear and accessories, which we will sell and donate 100% of proceeds to the beneficiary programs. For more information about the swap or donating gear, contact email: skiswap (at) snoqualmienordic.org or call Charlie Cornish at 206-391-4352.
  5. I was thinking about doing the same hike midweek next week. What about wearing approach shoes & bringing Kahtoola microspikes in case it's icy ?
  6. I'm in Paulina's boat... moved to Queen Anne/Fremont 4 weeks ago. Have all gear/car. Looking for moderate climbing after spending the last several months moving 3000 miles. Help me find my self esteem after losing it at Index ; ) Thanks!
  7. I just saw this presentation last Friday... I loved that it was not a we-climbed-mt-blahblahblah-&-almost-died story, but just as exciting. Not mentioned in the promo stuff: -Galen Rowell was part of the team (it was his last expedition, a month or two before the plane crash) -Rick "K2 sans O2" Ridgeway was also a part of this. not sure if this FB link works but here's a clip. Prolly not the most riveting part of the expedition but the background of the 17K plateau foreshadows later parts of the presentation http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/video/video.php?v=165156033835
  8. NE Northgate & 19th Streets Seattle, WA 98125 ya, I spoke w/ the on the pone the other day. Super super helpful. RyanB: you are most helpful!! thanks so much! I think we're launching off from some cabin near Roslyn so your Leavenworth recommendation is uber helpful.
  9. Long story short I'm writing this from the E coast as my partner is in SEA & needs to get rock shoes (for long trad/Stuart NR) ASAP!! Where, aside from the evil empREI to go? He's already checked out MMW in Bellvue but no luck. I told him to chk out 2nd ascent but need other places to look to maximize selection b/c he is a pain in the ass to fit (mega high arch, hate mythos). I also said to chk out Vertical World. Any places that might work other than the ones mentioned above that's a reasonable drive from NE? Thanks!!
  10. After the zoom on my Minolta Dimage went kaput from hail/rain moisture, I replaced it w/ a Pentax Optio W10. W=waterproof. And then got a W20 so my partner could take pix while climbing w/o worrying about rain damage. Even though it claims to be waterproof, I don't treat it that way. But I feel like I don't have to baby it as much either.
  11. Nice "crappy" TR. Glad it was in 2006 & that there's def been precip since! Just a glimmer of hope of running into water is letting me psyched for this. Bosterson, glad you didn't take the link too personally. I'm not looking since I only have a weeks worth of climb time & the possibilities too many : )
  12. Bosterson: http://tinyurl.com/mzy7mb OK. Thanks so much for the responses on Stuart! Very helpful. Guidebooks en route. Sounds like water availability for the way down isn't as much as an issue for as it might be for the way up. I'm thinking we want to do the 15p direct lower ridge to the beginning of the 15-17p abbreviated start.Maybe I'm a wuss but I'm not super crazy about carrying more than 2-3L on a grade IV route for what sounds like 30 pitches. I've never done anything of this grade w/o water sources along the way. Then again, perhaps I'm over-thinking it. Any comments or suggestions re: water for the way up or spots to reload/melt snow etc would be super helpful. Thanks again!!
  13. I have less than 2 weeks to plan my first PNW trip. Climbing time will be mid week. I'm flying 3000 miles to do this so I wanted to make sure of a few things. How necessary are boots/spikes/axe for the last week of July (south approach, Sherpa Glacier or NW Butt if SG's melted out)? Is Sherpa Glacier melted out yet? Do I need a permit for Stuart? On summitpost it's listed under "Alpine Lakes", which according to the "2009 Alpine Lakes Wilderness Permit Information and Application" button on http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/wenatchee/passes/enchantments/ I get this pdf http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/wenatchee/passes/enchantments/enchantments-2009.pdf that shows Mt Stuart being right inside the border of the "permit needed" area. But it's not part of the highly coveted "Core Enchantment area". Thanks a bunch!! jpw
  14. For those who have used this boot, did they feel like Nepal's or Trango's size-wise? I just tried some a half size down from what I'd wear in Nepal's & I can't figure out if the Batura's actually run slightly, slightly big, or if I'm just getting influenced from reading this user review : 2007-12-31 15:27:27 La Sportiva Batura Reviewer: from NW Overall:4 stars Comfort:5 stars Look:1 stars Shoe Size: Felt a half size larger than marked Shoe Width: Felt true to width Shoe Arch: Moderate arch support More winter choices? While intended for winter and cold weather mountaineering, The Batura really looks like something a '80's rock star or Star War's Jedi Master might latch onto. Last/fit is supposed to be the same as the Trango series. Felt bigger than my Trangos. A bit bigger internally than the Spantik. I went down a 1/2 size from a 46 to a 45.5 in the Batura. Still had plenty of room to add a better insole. The outer volume is way down from its big brother the Spantik as is the sole outline. The Batura is more easily compared to the Nepal top. Think of the Batura as a Fabric version of the Nepal top with a fixed Supergaitor. The actual inner boot is made of cordura like material and is flexible in every direction. More so than the Nepal more like the recent Trango Extremes. The Batura *might* well be a bit warmer than the Nepals, but it is also going to allow better circulation just by being so flexible in the ankle. They will stay drier than the Nepals which will help. Sole is rigid with a slight rocker as expected. Zipper and attached gaitor are a bit funky. Gaiter is a bit tight getting to the lock lace on the ankle hinge which you'll need to do. Bottom lace loops are all nylon fabric. Past the lock lace at the ankle there are two metal speed laces. To get in and out of the boot you have to unlock the ankle and then thread in some slack. Laces aren't intended to be removed from the last two speed laces. It is annoying. Zipper? Well it is a zipper on a mountain boot, bring the duct tape, enough said. In my size they were a full pound lighter than the Spantik about the same as a Trango a bit lighter than the Nepals. Certainly not as warm as the Spantik on a cold day in the Rockies, but then I didn't get cold feet in either boot. But the lower temps were felt in the Batura, just not uncomfortable on short term adventures. A few days out and I'd want the insurance of a warmer boot. I've owned a pair of almost every model of Sportive alpine boots. Some styles have been better than others. Sportiva is always innovative. Just wish they would be a little more practical in the execution. Light, bright cosmetics and they climb well if you don't need any ankle support. Still undecided is if this is Sportiva's best high Mtn alpine boot or just another disposable specialist tool. You'd think that would be clearer at the asking price. Other shoes recommended by reviewer: Trango Extreme or the Nepal Tops
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