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  1. Need a new camera

    Same - if I don't want to lug around the Nikkon DSLR I go to the RX100 after trying other options. It also is able to shoot RAW images if you are into post-processing.
  2. chucK has passed away

    Sad, sad, sad. Met him a couple times at CC pub things. Seemed a very nice guy. Best wishes to the family and friends.
  3. Beta on Via Ferratas in the Dolomites

    A few years ago I spent a month in Italy, 3 weeks in the Dolomites hiking, VFing and climbing. Cicerone publishes great guides by specific region of the Dolomites. You don't need to hire a guide - but having a car helps a lot as the trailheads and the public transport don't always match up well and you can get to the base early and beat the crowds on the popular ones. We stayed in Arabba at a lodge owned by Brits - Collette's Mountain Lodge or something like that. We also stayed in a couple small towns and just found lodging when we showed up. We worked in an 8 day hut-to-hut hike that was great. My advice would be just plan an itenerary around the VF guide where you will be planning to stay. And spring for a VF kit, you don't want a static setup as your safety backup.
  4. Very nice. Did this 25 years ago -- I think a few joints would hurt on me as well if I went out on it this year. Cheers and keep on plodding along. You're way ahead of most of your age group.
  5. Akk, I remember going into the first location along Lake Union off East Lake
  6. sufferfest (plural sufferfests) A workout or race in the arena of endurance sports that involves prolonged suffering on the part of all who participate. (by extension) An activity in which all participants ache, agonize, ail, endure.
  7. [TR] Goode - NE Buttress 07/22/2018

    That one is a feather in your cap. Been on my list a long time - with two fails due to weather and needless wandering. I'm racing the clock on this one - good job
  8. RIP Fred Beckey

    Well, that guy had one good run of it. First time I ran into him was out at Peshatin in '89 or so. I'm leading and look down and he is hitting on my belayer - 25 yrs younger than him. Somehow he later found got her phone number and called her up asking her out a couple times. Then in the early 90's I was skinning up Mt Amebalis with others and was having equipment issues so stopped to doodle with it and my team kept moving upward. It's snowing pretty hard and up comes this lone craggy guy from below, pauses to nod to me from under his hood, and up he continues. The last time we chatted was at Vertical World last year when he came in to imitate a creaky spider. How many times did you look up at some vague "ascending traverse" and think - man, that was bold for 30 yrs ago - and still is? Peace bro' - and thanks for the memories. Just an icon.
  9. Nice photos - snuck one in before the snow flies. Man - multiple parties on a Thursday - too many friggin' folks out there. Those routes are seeing a lot of traffic.
  10. Cascade high routes

  11. Via ferrata ethics

    Love the guys using two strands of webbing, which could snap like a carrot stick under the right conditions of a good static fall. Then they'll sue.
  12. i never wished a man dead...

    ...........you may have another fellow to muse about soon = http://fivethirtyeight.com/politics/elections/
  13. Lowering off sport anchors

    Appreciate the explanation - things I didn't consider. Thanks
  14. Lowering off sport anchors

    I still find this odd. Why would I use gear of unknown quality when it's easy to set up a top rope and then rap off without wear and tear on the anchor. It's a nice gesture but unnecessary. Don't folks know how to safely anchor, untie, set up rap and go??
  15. Lowering off sport anchors

    I also thought this was thr standard approach. It's quick if you know what you are doing, avoids leaving gear behind, and avoids wear on the anchor.