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  1. Slide Scanning

    I've used these guys several times - scanned my entire Kodachrome library. They use equipment far superior to anything you can afford. https://www.digmypics.com/slide-scanning
  2. That was an older manual Nikon with a great lens, somewhere in that 17-35 range. I sold that setup. Osorno, northern Patagonia. With the RX100......
  3. My light setup is an RX100, picked because it shoots well RAW. I have a compact case that I strap to my pack shoulder pad and have a webbing loop over my head clipped to the camera. Thus easy access and secure. My main kit is the Nikon D7100 with a 17-35, 2.8 lens. Heavy, but really, there is no substitute for good glass.
  4. Zig Zag, Mt. Erie, Pitch 2 retrobolted

    Sigh. While usually in the the camp of "whatever" - this one seems quite unnecessary. It's not like it's Bachar-Yerian up there, it's quite casual. Not every climb needs to be pedestrian. Agreed - retro-bolter should admit mistake and take it out as cleanly as possible.
  5. Pics of Laura please
  6. [TR] Anderson - Eel Glacier 05/30/2021

    Oh, that looks like a nice trip. Yea, surprised at the number of folks considering the effort required for entry, but it was a holiday weekend. You gotta retire for more flexibility!
  7. Price Avalanche + Rescue

    F*&^! You guys are damn lucky. Could have been A VERY poor outcome
  8. Katherine Hepburn was giving an interview when the journalist asked: "I hear you go swimming in the pond on your property in CT all year - is that true?" "Why yes" Hepburn replied. "Do you like that" asked the journalist "Heavens no" replied Hepburn "Then why do you do it" asked the journalist "To make my neighbors feel weak" she replied. Bravo on your ascent.
  9. I did purchase a coaching package a couple years ago when returning from a layoff after an injury. I followed up with one of their standard plans. I was not impressed by the coaching advice - they did not appear too interested in a pedestrian, older climber. The off-the-shelf plan was good - I would pick up a copy of Training for the New Alpinism if you get or plan or not - you could figure things out on your own from there or use the book as a supplement to the off-the-shelf plan. Good luck
  10. Nice KK - despite the smoke - any port in a storm
  11. Volunteer Park Water Tower

    Funny, I was there the other day as well, looking over my shoulder. About 10 years ago I was there and a couple old(er) guys came by and told me they were ex-Mountaineers. When they were youngin's they used to go into the tower and throw a rope out the window and top rope - eventually the windows were covered with mesh. Was good to hear the rebel tendencies go way back.
  12. Volunteer Park Water Tower

    Really? Maybe I've just been blissfully blind - seriously, I don't think I could have missed them (?). God, I sound like an old guy.
  13. Well, maybe there has been a bunch of climbers flocking to the park without climbing gyms open? I've been going there for 30+ years to boulder a few laps around the base, but now there are "Historic Structure - No Climbing" signs up. What's the world coming to?