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  1. Looks like a great time. So bummed I couldn't make it!
  2. Kenny @ the PRG is the guy you'd want to bug about this... good luck Like I've never slept in my car on the streets of Portland before ... BTW, will tools and crampons be provided for the comp or should we bring our own?
  3. Guess you'll be at the Icefest then?
  4. You don't *have* to go to Ouray, but there isn't anywhere else in the world like it. You will get quantity and quality there -- and you can climb as much as you can handle, with very little time "wasted" on approaches (even for the out-of-park climbing). Just don't be discouraged when you come back and go climbing with Wayne again and you still feel like he's the guide.
  5. Will the bouldering pads be available for use as beds when those of us from out of town feel the need to pass out and aren't quite capable of the the two-plus hours of driving to get back home?
  6. Summer Reading: "Beyond the Mountain" by Steve House, plus Book Tour Dates September 22nd, Seattle, WA The Patagonia Retail Store 6:30 – reading and signing with slide show 2100 First Ave Seattle, WA 98121 206-622-9700
  7. it must rule to be a chick... Hey, I just offered to buy you a beer! And you declined!!! So shut up.
  8. A couple of us are meeting at Feierabend at 5:30 if anybody wants to join ...
  9. Whatever. Does someone want to buy me a beer at Feierabend beforehand? I mean, meet me for a beer?
  10. Doors at 7 or show at 7? Or, more importantly, what time will the keg be tapped?
  11. thelawgoddess


    Did somebody say cyclocross?
  12. thelawgoddess


    Mean is the new mellow. Besides, John likes it. i BET he does! but ... what about the guy carrying the cross?
  13. thelawgoddess


    tvashtarkatena, you are so so mean.
  14. thelawgoddess


    definitely be cool to see a closer-up pic. they all look the same from a distance.
  15. look at that shitty ground clearance! you might as well buy an element - at least that comes in AWD.
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