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  1. Nice Anastasia! I did the second ascent of Morgul Vale with Tyler a couple weeks after he and Chris finished it. Love that climb! For history sake, it follows (very) roughly the same route as Gigantor, which was put up back in the 70's by Dean Fry and Wayne Arrington and had like one 1/4" bolt per pitch. I believe Tyler and Chris talked to Wayne about their plans and he said it was cool. No one is really sure where Gigantor went anyway, but hard to believe they could find a 5.8 route through some of that terrain. Anyway, psyched to see Tyler's routes get some traffic. He was proud of Morgul Vale, rightfully so, as it's one of the best (if not the best) long moderate route in Oregon. Now you should go to the Menagerie and climb some of his routes there!
  2. Hell yeah guys, super awesome! Stoked that your dedication paid off!
  3. Just a heads up, promotion ends on the 15th. Thanks for the support everyone!
  4. Thanks Jon, really stoked about it! Kevin, check out http://nwalpine.com/blog/archives/208 for pant sizing. We're currently redoing our size charts to make them look pretty, but this will give you a good idea for sizing. E-mail info@nwalpine.com if you have any other questions!
  5. Hello everyone! So we recently launched our new website at www.nwalpine.com. To celebrate we'd like to offer CascadeClimbers.com members a 20% discount and free limited edition t-shirt on orders over $100. Just use the discount code: CASCADECLIMBERS13 at check out. If you do end up ordering, make sure to include your t-shirt size in the order comments. We really appreciate all the support we've received from the NW climbing community over the past few years! If you've got the time you should also check out Daniel Harro's blog post on his trip to the Alaska Range, Jason Stuckey's report from his trip to the Revelations and beyond, and Matt Van Biene's near miss in Patagonia.
  6. No need for a topo, just walk to the end of the big ledge, climb up some mossy 5.8 past some newly replaced bolts to another ledge and belay. Traverse climber's right for the money pitch (obvious) which is awesome, and probably slightly sandbagged at 5.10a, then follow the ridge to the top.
  7. "Can't knock the baby blue salopette" Nice work gentleman, stoked! Doug's ever increasingly hideous color combinations are an inspiration to us all.
  8. Psyched, come say hi at the NW Alpine table!!!
  9. I've got some used BD Vipers I need to get rid of. Picks still have quite a bit of life left in them, $275 for the pair. Located in Portland, I'll ship if need be.
  10. Not every route one bolts has to be sprayed to death on the internet and included in a guidebook. I recently visited a couple of the areas included in the new Northwest Oregon guidebook and was astonished that anyone would bother climbing there let alone including them in a guidebook. But hey, if you're having fun, go for it, but the rest of the world probably doesn't need to know. Eliminating the hype would eliminate a lot of potential negative issues with land managers AND a lot of the bickering associated with bolting within the community.
  11. Congrats Bill, super stoked! So when does this mean we'll see it in stores???
  12. Check out some more photos and a write up by Doug Shepherd over on the NW Alpine blog!
  13. Went skiing up Newton Creek a couple weeks ago and there was no ice on the spider at all...
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