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holiday wish list?


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Dearest Santa,


I have tried so hard to be a good girl this year. There are just a few things that I would like. Perhaps I can speak to you in person about this???


thank you in advance



"I saw momma kissin' santa cluase under neath the chirstmas tree last night" wink.gif

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I'm pretty sure I've been naughty enough to get my new trango ice boots and new crampons. Maybe? Pretty please?!? Maybe if I sit on Santa's lap again tonight that'll put me over the edge.


As for us suburban climbing moms...get the kids their own harnesses and bring 'em along!

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1) goggles that don't fog

2) My son to send his first 5.7

3) My daughter to make it through puberty in one piece...Oh, wait, I'm the one that wants to make it through her puberty in one piece.

4) My beautiful and loving wife to understand and forgive me for wanting to spend lengthy amounts of time isolated, in a tent with my male climbing partners.


Thank you Santa!


Oh yeah and world peace for everyone

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Dear Santa,


All I want for this year is a Apple 23" Cinema Display with adaptor for my TiBook. A 58" Trek 5700. K2 AK Enemy's with freerides. Grivel Alp Wings so I can be cool like Twight. 10gb iPod so I have an excuse to ignore people at work.



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