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  1. there was even an abode under the highway there, accessed via a little trolley car, or an awkward duckwalk. complete with couch and bookshelf etc. some of you know the fellow who built it. he even lived under there for a little bit.
  2. I've pretty much stopped posting at this website cuz, well, it became a silly waste of time to see the same egos jockeying for position (mine included!). it seemed rather pathological after a while, a mental illness of sorts, akin to an addiction to jerry springer or somesuch (and i loathe jerry springer, having watched it perhaps twice in my life for 15 minutes). but i still take a gander once in a while, and i must say this thread humored me a bit, enough to actually post. to take sides, really! to take sides with a poster with whom i've had heated political exchanges far too many times in the past, but still have an affinity for. hell, i'm a card-carrying aclu member, donate to democrats (spineless bastards!) and, with some misgivings now, have disparaged any and all members of the military branches of the US. but i still like the guy, whereas the fellow he argues with above is (is? or acts like? i tend to go with "acts like", since i only know his online persona) one of the biggest dicks (i go back to high-school for that one!) that has ever posted here. a loud opinionated bore that cannot go past a thread without opining in the most degenerative way, incessantly, incessantly incessantly! (ok, so have some compassion for him already! evidently there might be a pathology at work, yes? and when one confronts a pathology, does one react with anger? well, one certainly might, but is that in any way the reaction that one would want? of course not! not in the bigger scheme of things. ok whew that clears that up.) perhaps my reaction is partially elicited by the said party's use above of the word "ours", as in "You're pissed off? That's your problem, brah, not ours." "Ours"? what's this collectivization at work here? it seemed to me that the post in question was a direct communication to "pat", not to "us". so why would this "pat" character speak for others? is this a symptom of the possible pathology? another point that humors me is the quick "are you threatening me?" turn of events when "serenity" spoke of being angry. this one especially humors me! reminds me of the young child who has learned to push people's buttons, but when the consequences of such behavior come to haunt this little child, he or she runs and hides behind the coat-tails of mother (in this case, the moderators? the police?). now i don't favor physical violence, but would one really feel sorry for "pat" if one found him quivering as "serenity" sang him a lullaby? (ah the comforts of domesticated urban life). i suppose i would, yes i would, even intervening if i could, but oh what an understandable situation, given his ("pat"'s) behaviour. (btw, i saw no threat, only "pat" feeling threatened.) so having said all that, now i say hi to serenity, hi to "pat", and bid adieu once again. may all beings be happy!
  3. for a bunch of non-climbers? why bother? and thanks for sending porter; it was getting to me.
  4. so the fatter you are, the more you tend to be a republican?
  5. i think assessing the terrain ahead is kinda mandatory when sequences must be developed. "left hand must go here so right hand can go there" type of stuff. yeah pay attention to the now, but also develop an approach to what's coming up.
  6. just seemed like a bit to lose, percentage wise. but then i think about rudy's weight losses, and a friend who went from a not fat 120 to a really lean 103, so i guess no big deal! (except for your climbing, i'm sure.)
  7. not so weird, but oh so fun: on an open project i'm currently trying, there's a left hand side-pully teensy crimp, and the next hold for the right hand is a half pad crimp up and left of it, so it's a weird balancy dyno off of a high left foot, up and over drive-by to a decent right hand crimp and my body pendulums all the way around pivoting on the left toe and right crimp and it's about aim and then powering to hold the swing with one hand, since the left crimp becomes virtually useless once i've swung onto the right hand. whew. oh and it's overhung too, adding to the above issues.
  8. whoa. were you chubby to begin with? i've gone from about 184 to now 175 this morning and feeling strong. i'll probably lose another 5 to 10 with summer greens season upon us (i lose my taste for ice cream in the summer, thank god).
  9. double irony! nice work! go for a triple, but leave the home run for donald.
  10. "Those who most frequently quote without permission the thoughts of others have few of their own." Discuss. so you are saying don would be upset if a work of his were to be quoted here? you must admit that the irony inherent in this quote coming from don (is this from don?) is hilarious!
  11. jeez, someone got their panties in a bunch? good luck with your business venture!
  12. ummm, sounds a bit aggro and un-community oriented to me. maybe work with the NO FEAR theme? you know, TOTAL GEAR DOMINANCE on the pristine and harmonious olympic peninsula.
  13. sheesh. if i was looking for a belay slave, at least i'd pay for gas.
  14. anasazi velcros for past vertical bouldering and sport climbing. the new Solutions for real steeps with heel and toe-hooks. nothing like them that i've ever used for super steep climbing. really sucky for precision edging or toeing, i've found. the old anasazi pinks for verticalish face. super good fit for me, and really precise and techy feeling. yellow katanas i liked, until i lost them at index. all of this is predicated by a proper fit (i have a rather dainty and narrow foot). i know folk who liked particular models of mad rock and evolv. shit, i think every major company makes a decent shoe, as long as they fit well and are used for the type of climbing that suits the model.
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