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  1. Let me try to clear this up. What I MEANT to say was "Most of the SAR members I know (only a few) are lacking in technical skills". I realize that this is not what I actually typed, and I am unable to edit the message now. I had no intention of insulting all SAR people, as I realize that the vast majority are competent. Apologies.
  2. I think he is complimenting you!
  3. I agree. The shop also has character, unlike so many. And the amount of specialty gear is unbelievable. Really, we are lucky to have it around.
  4. I apologize for all I have offended. I tried to make the point that Iain did, and fucked it up.
  5. I went over to PMS. I liked the shop, and asked why he doesn't like BD gear. He fed me a load of BS. Thats OK though, but the guy definitely seems kinda eccentric to say the least.
  6. But $400 isn't bad. I still don't have that much. Damn...
  7. Let me guess. You want the Quark Ergo or BD Viper. The Viper goes for $234 plus tax, or $255 each, so total being $510.12. So you're selling your Cobras for $510.12. I don't have that much. If nobody wants them I'll take them for $10, but I think that you would rather keep them then. Damn...
  8. What are you replacing them with?
  9. JD, definitely. He sounds like he needs a drug rehab/mental ward center ASAP. And if we could all get along then the world would be extremely boring. Lets spew, spray, and slander some more. Come on, lets have some ACTION.
  10. I read a TR from a couple guys who skied the Coleman Headwall on Baker. The link is on cascadeclimber.com
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