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holiday wish list?


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All I want for this year is a Apple 23" Cinema Display


I just ordered a Dell Ultrasharp 2000FP for the wife. Shut up! It is for her! So what if I had my initials engraved on it.


I want Santa to bring me:


1. Some new skis and skins (not that that would help my skiing at all).

2. A nice balance of snow and ice for the winter season.

3. Some fine, fat, blue ice somewhere within a six hour drive and a two hour approach. Santa, can you say Drury?

4. The continued understanding of my wife for me wanting to spend large amounts of my free time wet, cold, and scared in the company of odiferous men (DBB- you're last in line next time).

5. Ditto for my wife's parents.

6. A snowplow visiting the Phair Creek road on a regular basis.

7. A few more days of skiing with my oldest daughter, now 5.

8. Business results like the last half of this year.



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In response to Santa's unfair control of christmas gifts in the last couple of years the Bush administration has decided to act. They have decided that Santa's claim that, "American boys and girls are just plain naughty" is an elaborate cover for a grander scheme. After over 2 years of blockading the north pole from everthing but medical supplies and cookies they have refused to budge. UN inspectors have been repeatedly denied access to sites that are suspected factorys producing toys of mass destruction. Just last week satelite photos show what appear to be truckloads of boxes marked "Army toys" and "RRyder BB Guns". It appears the buildup of arms in the middle-east is only a staging ground for what is sure to be a battle of global impications in the polar desert to the north. Despite the most sophisticated technology the Rumsfeld says they have still not been able to determine the exact whereabouts of the infamous Santa Claus. They suspect he is bein supported by militant christian religious factions. Unverified reports even indicate he has been seen on rooftops across the US in recent days. As for now we can only wait to see what happens.

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