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  1. The bill was approved by the house and is now racing off to the senate! linky
  2. Way to warm for ice at the bowl right now
  3. Sorry man, wrong side of town for me, I think the Kennedy School would be your best bet
  4. Thanks guys, I'll be there with family so I won't have a ton of time, all I'm gonna see of red rocks is what I can see from the car as we drive by, but I'll see if I can sneak away to check out Moe's.
  5. I know there's stellar climbing in St. George, but unlike last year, I don't have a partner to climb with over T-day this year...can anybody tell me about any good bouldering spots in the vicinity? Thanks
  6. are they charging at the hollow now or is it a "donation"?
  7. Just be ware the Jaberwalk! Timmy, see you tonight, cup in hand!
  8. Yo Bill, I might be in town Sunday as well, I'm coming off a broken leg so you'll have to go easy on me. I've got a new email so I'll shoot it over to you today
  9. Yeah, can you say Bassett Hospital?? Will, I can possibly pick you up and give you a ride out there a night or two next week (I work in Clackamas right near Sunnyside road) I won't be climbing though because I've got a broken leg that's still on the mend and I won't be able to dirve you back, but maybe Bill or John can help out with that.
  10. Thanks Mel, thanks for keeping thing even
  11. You guys and all your talk of corn harvest can just go yourselves. I aint due to be out of this leg cast for quite awhile and there's a good chance the docs are gonna want to put a plate and some screws in the damn thing. So keep you corn talk limited to PM's if you please! Stupid hidden stumps!!
  12. Here's a question that maybe Bill (only because he been climbing there longer than most of us and knows more about the history) can help answer. Why is it that it is mainly the same climbs that keep getting chopped ie: white rabbit, blueberry jam, birds of paradise and not some of the stuff over by video bluff or beyond.
  13. I've only been able to upload a few, but it all started with a long approach to this spot that included massive skin failure and thigh deep wallowing in soft champagne powder when we finally reached our destination a combination of bulletproof ice, extremely high estogen levels in both myself and my partner and the onset of dusk only allowed us to climb the first pitch which also included a moon rise the next day included a epic cowboy breakfast after searching out some super top secret ice in a location so secret that TG made me drive blindfolded, that finally led to an incredible day of tree skiing at the splended Fergi Ridge Ski Resort and Chalet. However the day after that brought us up to a beautiful pillar that was masterfully led by Steve (Steve doing his own fair share of wallowing to reach the pillar and Funguy (don't be fooled by the TR in this photo) Sorry about the image size, but the small ones are just too damn small
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