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CC.com 2011 Photo Contest presented by AAI


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I'll play along.


Didn't read this in the rules, but thought I'd put in a disclaimer: I am a professional photographer, though I only get paid for weddings and events, and the occasional landscape print.


Question re: Scenic category: are these limited to images from trips or anything scenic is ok?








Cragging: (Grotto Canyon near Canmore... qualifies as cragging for us locals, does that work?)


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SCENIC- David Lama's sport climbing proj, also know as Cerro Torre






CRAGGING- Total sport wanker on great limestone in Yangshuo, China






ALPINE- Kate Rutherford topping out the standard, Whillins route on Poincenot with the South Face of Fitzroy behind.






BOULDERING- Jer Collins working on his new sport of bouldering jumping

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i've been trying and trying to post another photo using the file manager following the instructions .. but it won't upload (and there's no error message) -- it takes the file but just won't upload it so you can view it .. anyhow plez help


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