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  1. Stellar work.. thanks for sharing.. I can never see enough photos from Frenzel camp.. or Pickett Pass... tho I'll never get there myself.. they are basically some of my favorite places on this earth...
  2. I was up on Skyline Divide that weekend.. I watched your storm roll in... and saw the lightning strike... and wondered how any Picketts adventures were fairing... Way to get it..
  3. Stuff is on fire

    Okanagan from Luna a couple weeks ago
  4. A Ridiculous amount of gear. Mountaineering Stuff

    I'll take lot 38 I'll PM in a bit
  5. Wow... looks like June is the new August from July '14
  6. No it won't... Wow.. the whole top of the Cache glacier is gone... Props to ur dad... to help hold you over till next yr... [img:left]http://photos.imageevent.com/banos/ptarmigantraversejuly2014/huge/P1040973_Panorama.jpg[/img]
  7. chucK... You got pics..? would love to see current conditions in a TR
  8. Climate change does exist... it always has
  9. Stephanie Subak Accident at Jigsaw Pass

    Wow... So sorry for your and your families loss.. My most heartfelt condolences...
  10. BCA float 22 includes canister?
  11. Sold - Integral Designs MK 1 XL Tent

    no shit.. that's a killer deal
  12. Cravasse fall

    Damn straight.. he's a rugger
  13. On Saturday, crews from the air spotted climbing equipment linked to the missing group at the base of deep chute off of Carbon Glacier, scattered in the snow at about 9,500 feet... http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/climbers-missing-mount-rainier-feared-dead-n119366