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  1. Nice job climbing that pile. It takes a special climber to go up there.
  2. Great line. Would you say that line would be good to go most of the summer or is the snow needed?
  3. Thanks for the report. Amazing climbing/running. I'm just getting into mountain running and really enjoying it.
  4. Trip: Mt. Shasta - Avalanche Gulch Trip Date: 04/29/2019 Trip Report: First time down to Shasta and we had success. The conditions are awesome right now. Very straight forward route. Lots of ice fall on summit day even with cold temps. Great ski from 13,500. Gear Notes: Skis and pons Approach Notes: up up up
  5. Portland Oregon dad checking in. My dudes are 5 years and 6 months...If anyone wants in on this months dad trip, partner and I are driving down to climb/ski Shasta if weather and conditions are good 4-26/28... Josh 503-9 tree tree-4534
  6. You guys didnt come across a pair of Mountain hardware goretex pants near the bottom of the climbers trail did you? I dropped a pair the day before you guys climbed. Looks like your timing was perfect. We we saw was clouds, rain, and clouds...
  7. Some how my pants came off my pack near the bottom of the climbers trail to Boston Basin or fell out of the car at the parking area. I would love to get these back if someone finds them. I am in Portland and travel to Seattle regularly. Thanks
  8. Where are you located? Portland???
  9. It was my first time to the area and we were going to climb to Kates cut in but ended up hitch hiking and that took us to the true start of the Alpine.
  10. Trip: Wolf Rock - Barad Dur Date: 9/25/2016 Trip Report: Partner and I left Portland nice and early Saturday wondering if the heavy rains would foul up our weekend or if we would get lucky. We knew the route got hammered with weather and to buy some drying time we decided to throw the mountain bikes in the truck last minute and climb Sunday morning instead of Saturday. We drove to Oakridge and rode the complete Alpine Trail thinking a shuttle would give us a fun day with little energy expenditure. We were wrong. You shuttle to the bottom of the other side and climb the damn mountain before bombing down. Amazing ride with lots of climbing. We ate some pizza then 2 hours drive to WOLF. The drive in was dark and the roads were slick and muddy. The air was heavy with humidity. We went to sleep thinking the route would be wet and might not happen. From the short little pull out camping area off the road we walked up hill a short ways to find the approach trail. A few minutes later we arrived at what looked like the start. The rain had washed the rock nicely, no chalk or any indication on where the route went other then bolts. P1 and P2. No 2 bolts at start as described in other posts. We found they have been chopped and holes filled with epoxy. We tied P1 and P2 together in one nice pitch. Lichen covered rock but mostly solid and fun climbing. P3. fun easy P4. Fun and we did find good gear just under the roof before traversing, I think I got a bomber #2 or #3 BD. You can see my partners helmet down below if you look for it... me on top of P4. P5. The jugs around the corner of the crux are not what I would call jugs or they broke off...still 5.10 you just have to stay in the zone and keep moving. P6. was stellar and protected well. P7. We headed up trending left but mostly straight up and never found an anchor or pro that would have held. The rock is covered in moss and scary. Around 200 feet up I gained the ridge to find a new SS bolt that I belayed from. WORST ROCK ON THE ROUTE. P8. We followed the easy bolt line along the ridge up towards the towers staying on the ridge. Once at the new bolt line the climbing was supper cruiser and the rope was finally put away. Not sure what route this was. Signing the register. Last party to climb was a week prior. After passing the summit we continued along the ridge for a while. Once you pass some old bivy platforms you might see a small rock cairn. Pass this descending to the right of it....Follow the water groove. Props to the guys that put that beast up!!! Thanks for replacing some of the old bolts also, they did not inspire confidence, especially the old aluminum hangers!! Car to summit was about 6 hours for us... Gear Notes: 13 single length slings 2 doubles and a few revolver biners...No issues with rope drag....We carried way more cams then needed and placed a couple nuts. Carried 2 liters of water on a hot day and ran out at P7. Approach Notes: Easy
  11. My partner might not make it this weekend so I am looking for a partner to leave Saturday 4/16 mourning bivy and ski chutes on Sunday 4/17, ski/hike out. Access is still crap so this is could be a long trip. Who's with me? If my partner is good to go we ski as a group of 3.
  12. White out conditions!!! Glad you made it down..
  13. I am down for the 1st-3rd or if weather sucks 15th-17th
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