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CC.com 2011 Photo Contest presented by AAI


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"Photos winners from previous years contests CANNOT be submitted."


Does this mean photos from previous years contests cant be submitted or winners cant be submitted? Because I see some repeats from '07.


It means exactly what it says. If you didn't win, who's to say you can't try again! chances aren't great if you were rejected last time (it'll probably happen again) but thats for the individual to make the call

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(edited 7/23 - clearly I did not read any of the recent posts before putting these up, and realize I missed the deadline - oh well, now I know how to post photos, and my first trip report! anyway!)

aerialsthelens.jpgScenic Aerial sunset Mt. St. Helens

earninturns.jpgSkiing/Boarding Earning turns, Trapper Peak, MT

sthelens_alpine.jpgAlpine -Descending Mt. St. Helens

missionice.jpgIce Mission Falls, MT

hypoxic.jpgHumor Proof that hypoxia occurs at 13K

losthorse.jpgBouldering Lost Horse, MT

cragging3.jpgCragging Flathead Dome, Montana Bitterroots

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Also a past due late entry. I guess I have to wait for 4 more years to enter these. I also added a big walls category since quite a few climbs seem to not quite be alpine or cragging.


I thought you might enjoy them while your waiting on the Russian judge to give your pic a 6.0



La Esfinge basecamp - Quebrada Paron - Cordillera Blanca - Peru

Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams





Boi-oi-oi-ing - Orange Pillar - Patricia Bowl - Rock Creek - Sierras

So Many Options





Crystal Crag - Rock Creek - Sierras

Purple and Yellow



Big Wall

Trial & Terror - Basin Wall - Red Rock - Nevada

Big Air and Big Dreams





Quebrada Ishinca - Cordillera Blanca - Peru

Kickin Ass




I would like to thank Brooke Sandahl and Metolius for providing a pro-deal for equipment on the Cordillera Blanca trip. Metolius Master cams are gold. Thanks


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