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Ropeup 2008 Oct 10-12


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at 8-Mile Campground Group Campsite.


I need some help planning this out, but I know we'll need:


1. Slideshow equipment (I have a generator I can bring up to power everything.


2. Wood for the campfire! Lets keep a big fire blazing, so if someone can bring a BUNCH of wood that would be awesome


3. I'll bring a supply of brats, buns, condiments...as well as a couple of kegs of good beer


I'm looking for ideas for a good slideshow, so PM me if you have a good idea for one!


If you haven't been to one of these before, its a fun way to meet your fellow sprays around an actual campfire, and there are always groups that end up going out climbing together...great way to meet some new folks and hang out with some old friends.


Hope to see you up there!



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