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  1. As stated, up for sale is Arcteryx Cerium SL. Size is Large. Color is Riptide Blue. Only used a couple short outings, no defect. $100 shipped via Priority Mail to your door. I just ask that buyer covers paypal fees. Thanks. Open to reasonable offers.
  2. Is the toe piece radical or vertical? If its the former, I'll take it.
  3. As the title says. I'll also throw in some fresh grip tape. No trigger rests, as they broke within the first month of purchase. Been used over the last three seasons. Still have lots of life in them. $315 shipped. [img:left]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-9O5FzEqyZE8/VcIyNDxn1bI/AAAAAAAAOIQ/y1bOTCBia5M/s512-Ic42/2015_%2525208_%2525205_%2525209_56.jpg[/img]
  4. So that rappel route actually goes with a single 60m, eh? So much for the guide book beta.
  5. Very fond memories of this route! Looks like you two did it in fine style, nice work.
  6. Trip: Spring Ski Mountaineering in Glacier National Park - Many Date: 5/26/2015 Trip Report: You don't appreciate what you have till its gone...or something like that. 2015 started out awesome with some of the deepest powder skiing I've ever had, followed by high pressure, which allowed for some for rare(er) winter summits in Glacier. But unfortunately, I had a nagging back injury subsequently followed by a knee issue, that required some significant down time. Eight weeks after my knee started hurting me, I finally got the green light from my physical therapist to get after and test me knee. No need to tell me twice! First up, I lined up a day with my co-workers in the Two Medicine area: We found some old pow off the summit of Apistoki Toured into the nearby cirque for some hot laps Before finally soaking up some corn turns back to the car The next day I was solo and found my way up to Many Glacier at a ripe early start of 1100. Walked up the trail and skied some awfully smooth corn off of Henkel A few days later I met up with some of my usual crew to go tick off a line visible from town: "Like scrapping crumbs off of burnt toast" Then my good buddy Mike rolled into town, and as he pointed out in his TR, I battled a head cold while we enjoyed some fantastic skiing. After getting some bonus vert as pictured here, we walked over and skied the obvious couloir Third (or fourth) run of the day: We rolled into Many Glacier the next day...I felt even more sick and I had used up too many good days in a row, so GNP handed our asses to us. But Mike also really likes to come to Glacier to cross creeks with skis on his bag (second year in a row this has happened) Nevertheless, we found some skiing. A little while later, I met up with my friend Rob and his friends Mark and Janelle to have a go at this bad boy: Which of course entailed the ever popular bike to ski: Followed by the boot to ski: Then my partners turned around mid face and I skied it, thus the lack of pictures. But it was super good Fast forward a week or two later. Heard through the rumor mill that the West Face Couloir of Siyeah was in. This is my picture from the previous fall, but its the central depression of the sunlight face: Yep, it goes: Then in order to make skiing hard to access, I picked a mountain 14 miles away from where you park. It started with a canoe: And then some skinning: And thankfully, some glorious corn as well:
  7. No, I'm in Montana. Happy to ship at your expense. Also, forgot I wanted to list a pair of shoes.
  8. Moving to a new place at the end of the month and trying to clear out some clothing and books. Prices are listed as such to move quickly. Everything is in good working shape without defects, just with some amount of use. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Maybe you’re interested in a few items and we can make a deal, etc. Otherwise, I’m located in Whitefish, MT. Pictures can be found here: PICTURES Books: $4 a piece -Summit Routes: Washington’s 100 Highest Peaks SOLD -Climbing: Training for Peak Performance -Instant Karma: The heart and soul of a ski bum -Knots for Climbers -Yosemite Valley Free Climbs SOLD -Snowstruck: In the grip of avalanches -White Planet: a mad dash through modern global ski culture -In Search of Powder: A story of America’s disappearing ski bum -AAJ: Vol 52, 2010 Tops: -North Face button up, size medium, $10 -Mammut button, size medium,SOLD -Rab base layer shirt, size large, $10 -OR base layer shirt, size large, yellow, $10 -OR base layer shirt, size large, blue, $10 -Arcteryx 1/2 zip fleeze, size medium, SOLD -Ice breaker long sleeze quarter zip 260 weight, size large, $25 -Patagonia all weather zip, size large, SOLD Bottoms: -Flylow Magnum BC, size medium, SOLD -Patagonia Simul Pant, size 32, SOLD -Salomon S Lab Exo short tight, size medium, $30 Accessories: -Lot of ski socks: bridgedale x 2, stoic x 2, size large, $10 -Flylow Ski Bum Trucker hat, $5 Shoes: -Brooks Cascadia 9, size 10.5, $25 PENDING PAYMENT
  9. All are used to some degree, and priced accordingly. Everything is fully functional. Shipping is included in the prices. Feel free to make offers but I think the prices are fair. I'll get pictures up soon. Shipping to USA only. Click here for pictures of gear 1. Flylow Magnum BC Pant. Size Medium. Color Mahogany. $60. Recent Nikwax wash. 2. Dynafit Mercury Softshell Pant. SOLD 3. Rab Boreas Pull on Hoody. Size Large. Color light green/yellow. $35. Recent Nikwax wash. 4. Mountain Equipment Centurion. NeoShell. Size Large. Color blue. $130. 5. Mountain Equipment Orbital Jacket. SOLD
  10. Quick thoughts: 1. Turn around times in winter can be a bitch when you don't get the objective, but helpful in avoiding man bivy. 2. Weight on your back. Looks like the NBC is a bit lean, but 10 cams and 3 pickets for a snow climb is...extra weight. 3. Fitness/nutrition. Speed is safety for sure. I think you guys did well, but with room for improvement. No shame in posting this TR in that is had lead to a thoughtful, and fairly civil (rare for cc.com), discussion. One question, you guys drank 3L by the time you got to the base of the couloir? Or are you saying you left camp with 2L and brewed up another liter or two at the base? Either way, that seems like a lot of hydration for like 500 vf.
  11. Trip: Cody, WY - Various Classics Date: 3/1/2015 Trip Report: Ah, the South Fork of Shoshone. Nothing quite like it. David and I first climbed with John, way back in the fall of 2009. He played tour guide on our first trip to Cody: Early Season Carter Mountain Ice That trip yielded a lot of driving and some ice. Fast forward 4.5 years later: I'm out of school and working full time. David is currently slaving away on night shift. John is traveling the world. Somehow we were able to line up 4 days and rendezvoused at the Double Diamond Ranch and climb some great routes. Day 1: Pillars of the Community, WI4+ John has been talking about this route for as long as I've known him - and for good reason. Imagine our surprise when we got out of the car and saw it in. All smiles. On the left. Yep, still looks steep. We soloed the lower step, so we could fire the upper ice in one pitch. This one was all John. Did I mention it was his first day of ice this season? Send time! Evening light on the hike out. Day 2: The Moratorium, WI 4+ Cold, windy, snowy. Not sure it ever got above 5 degrees that day, and the wind chill was definitely <0. Thankfully John was in AK training mode. My turn to lead...A little more ice than seen in your guidebook! John and David warming their hands back up. It was a belay jacket kind of day. Boom. When horizontal meets vertical. Cruising up the last bit to the top. Don't Stress the Sheep. Day 3: Mean Green Hoping to get some more vert today, we headed to Mean Green. We found it to be lean and brown. The second pitch pillar looked unappealing in it's current shape so we just TR'd the first pitch. The wind was still blowing, causing some enjoyable spindrift for David. David getting back into the rhythm after a year break of ice climbing. John getting a taste of the Shoshone. Day 4: Sendero Illuminoso, WI 4 John had to leave to return to parental responsibilities. I've always wanted to climb Sendero so it was an easy choice. So asthetic. It climbed as good as it looks. Scenic hike out. Double Diamond Ranch We stayed here throughout our trip. This is their second season in operation with Matt, the owner and his wife running the place. Good rates, clean facilities, great food and lively saloon. If you guys are heading to Cody, we recommend them. Plus, you can't beat a 5 minute drive from your cabin to the ice climb. Double Diamond Ranch Morning view from the bunkhouse. Night life.
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