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  1. Lowell - warmest thoughts to you, Tom, family and friends. She was a vibrant and welcoming person. Teresa
  2. With all this snow there aren't as many options. The irrigation ditch is a good place to run in Wenatchee right now. We were going up to Appleatchee when it was colder and not so muddy. I would suggest going to the RunWenatchee website.
  3. If your looking for mountain biking: Lightening Creek, Pipestone Canyon, and the Re-routed Buck Mt. are all nice. You can check in with Joe @ Methow Cycle for any updates on Buck Mt as they did a reroute due to logging.
  4. Bump....the ski season is getting closer! This is a great deal on a device that is basically new. Email or pm me
  5. I'm selling this for a good friend and he used it once up at Stevens Pass. It is complete with all the box, manuals, etc. He'd like $300 but will take offers. PM or email me at teresaxchanson at gmail.com
  6. Wow...glad you got out of town for some great climbing, incredible views and fabulous weather! so much to explore in the cascades and environs.
  7. Glad you finally had a chance to check out the area up there. Some darn good skiing, usually, just wish you would have had better snow/ice conditions. Here's to more great skiing in the coming year
  8. Looks like you had lots of fun and a good tale to tell. Johh - Hope you didn't fall into a creek and get wet feet.
  9. That is one of my favorite places to go shrooming! Nice pics.......
  10. rmncwrtr, Whatever happened with your neck issue? I am hoping you did not have to undergo surgery. Best, Teresa
  11. I am just happy that it has been a bit breezy, never thought I'd say that, but it does help keep those pesky buzzards a bit more at bay. The black flies around Lake Wenatchee were quite friendly....
  12. There is a club based out of Lake Chelan: http://www.chelanflyers.com/ They have an annual XC competition that started yesterday and lasts all week. You can go to the top of Chelan Butte for the best views. http://cloudbase.org/Events/ChelanClassic/tabid/65/Default.aspx Enjoy! Teresa
  13. I'll raise a glass of porter for you tonight in celebration. Cheers....
  14. I guess it is personal preference but I go with 89* on my skis. As Josh K.mentions de-tuning the edges is most important especially when skiing in the variable spring conditions out on the glaciers, etc. Waxed your skis lately?? Teresa
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