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Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment


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careful there...BobC's "reloading"...



i think we got under bob c's skin. i would think that he has thick skin. funny how he is debating with a bunch of ego driven, hap hazard stupid climbers.


my dad was a marine and the military turned him into an asshole, he used to say " i'm like a nickle toilet, i don't take shit for nothing". he melloed out when realized he just wasn't that tough.

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It is quite remarkable that in these days of endless sophistication 99.5% of the folks who live in Tornado alley don't have storm cellars. Whole towns get wiped out and all these 4000sqft homes are just built on slabs - amazing. One could almost guess it has cultural roots in perceived economic status coming out of the depression. Most of the "storm" cellars were in fact root cellars and still having one as the wave of electrification and refrigeration hit probably was looked down upon as "poor" and "backwards". Results - lots of dead folks when a section of big sewer pipe or an empty septic tank in the back yard adding next to nothing to the cost of a home would save countless lives every year. Perception of risk is a funny business and we are genetically wired to view the vertical with suspicion while all manner of horizontal threats go virtually unrecognized.

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If we would all just agree to wear avy beacons, summer and winter, then the eyes of the nation which are upon us would recognize that, far from having a death wish, we have a LIFE wish.


I want to Leeeeeeaaaaaaiiiiiiiivvvvveeee!


(has anyone mentioned that most rescue victims are fucking hunters and hikers, not climbers?)


I haven't seen that yet in this thred :moondance:

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There was some debate here as to whether the tracks shown in the photos are one person or two...two axes or one, etc. I don't know how two people are trained to go up together, but if it's two that went, it looks like they used a technique of the lower man deliberately putting his feet where the others guys feet were NOT, staggering the foot placement. Else, eventually, the lower guy would step in the exact same spot. Or if it's one person, his steps were short and axe work as well. It's hard to tell without some scale to the photo. Those tracks could each be two feet apart or more for all I know. The report was that the tracks lead from a snow cave, straight upward, then faded out near the top. If such tracks would only be left in a climb, and not a decent, and there are only two people at most, then the sherrif's story is contradictory. Why do I need to 'buy' his story?


OK you smartypants climbers, explain to me how/why more than one climber would step in THE EXACT SAME FOOTPRINTS while ascending a snowy slope. To me its obvious that they were abducted by aliens and the sheriff is lying to us about it. It's a coverup man! Government conspiracy!


Thank you wildcat for noticing this. You are a hero!

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