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  1. I moved to Moscow to be closer to my friend Vladimir. Russia is greatest country. Soon America will be Under Siege. Thank you for allow former CIA Agent turned Cossack to post.
  2. If this bouldering is near Renton, definitely post up.
  3. That in itself is wrong. Spreading disinformation about a public health emergency has dire consequences.
  4. If David Icke is right, the lizard people will drink way more blood in 2022! Solid prediction!
  5. We’re not watching your virus-laden porno links!
  6. In the next 15 years, a huge percentage of people 80 and older who took the vaccine will die. Very suspicious!
  7. You think you have the best loony people? This guy knows way more than her, or you: https://www.theonion.com/raving-lunatic-obviously-took-some-advanced-physics-1819567290
  8. Cool, I won't open it then, thanks for saving me time. Computer no work, I'm no good at computer.
  9. I already told you I’m not logging into your porn sites and getting injected with communism!
  10. I hear they have very advanced surveillance software that telepathically injects you with tracking microchips when you post there.
  11. Or...it could be a trap you are about to fall into. You never know.
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