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  1. Where oh where did all my sprayers go?

    I’m MAGA’ing, bitches. That’s what you should be doing too. https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/04/politics/steven-seagal-russia-special-representative/index.html
  2. Where are they now??

    I'm still playing my music, and generally kicking ass. As one might expect. Thanks for asking.
  3. Best metal bands

    Didn't you mean "FOAD", sack licker?
  4. Best metal bands

  5. Mojo Nixon's feelings about the Donald

    STFU NOOB!!!11!
  6. Rugged Outdoorsman

    Is this more to your liking?
  7. Rugged Outdoorsman

    That all you got?
  8. Seagal = Rapist?

    Anybody else want to talk 'shit'?
  9. CC.com Factions

  10. Seagal = Rapist?

    Wow. This place is the dance of the living dead. So...lifeless. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!
  11. Rugged Outdoorsman

    Yeah. Me. What do you need?
  12. Seagal = Rapist?

    HELP, I'M UNDER SIEGE! You've seen this movie before- I was set up! But I'm HARD TO KILL MOTHERFUCKERS!
  13. Mods/ Off

    "like your mom" is more like a polish bob channelling...
  14. Mods/ Off

    Kevbone is a resident of Washington Yeah, but kevbone sucks so bad that not even Oregon would have him.
  15. Mods/ Off

    While we're at it, and just for extreme irony, how about also locking any thread that has to do with Eddie Van Halen, Pamela Anderson, Steve Vai, Metallica, Beacon Rock, Ozone, best guitar solos, and butt rock in general?