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3 Lost on Mount Hood


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We go up Hood every other weekend to train unless the weather is absolutely extreme. Even then, we usually still go. In winter we usually stick to the south side for easy bail-out if needed. This is actually a great way to gain experience in all conditions, to wit, when ice pellets hit your face at 70 mph while the tent blows away along with a hat and mitten, you learn pretty quick. Obviously the purpose isn't to have fun, it's to learn the art of winter mountaineering without getting yourself killed (avoiding avalanche is part of that). The good judgement I'm still learning, as MountainHigh has nicely pointed out.


The last thing I would ever want to do is be a hindrance to the searchers. I'm donating to PMR what I can afford and staying home with my hot babe this weekend.

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I am a cousin of Brian Hall from germany. While despairly looking for any pice of information about the search for Brian and his friends, I found your forum. I was wondering, if you could help my search for more informations by suggest urls of websites who reporting about the situation in Oregon and any other information you got. Brians whole geman family would be deeply grateful.


Thank you in advance

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Kauli, look back a few pages on this thread and there are many links. You can also start on CNN.com or MSNBC.com, I believe this story is on their front page. At least it has been the last few days. :tup:


There's a lot of people (real climbers) that have a lot of belief that these guys are indeed hunkered down, playing cribbage, and are going to have one hell of a story about reading their sleeping bag labels for the last few days.


~~~~~ Good vibes :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

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So far it seems as though some of the most up to date and (believe it or not) accurate information comes from people on this forum. For news clips try KATU News . I hope that you understand that there are many people in other websites that are discussing this effort who may not know as much about the situation as those on this forum (which includes some members of the rescue teams). When news arrives, I would bet that someone here posts information within an hour. The weather appears to be clearing up from the horrible mess that it's been this week, and personally I think we are going to hear good news this weekend.

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Yup, stay home and warm if you are not part of the organized search. Don't even drive up to chat with the crews. Bringing boxes of hot food is always welcome in my experience but support is best from afar.


In my experience, I have seen what happens when family members and friends insist on helping by independently searching. It is a clusterfuck. Searchers must spend limited resources getting them off the mountain or back to safety instead of in their patrols. It is also incredibly disheartening to a search crew looking for sign to stumble onto a random yahoo with good intentions, who is usually misidentified out of hope as the target of interest. I only know these things now because I was that yahoo.


The clouds are breaking south of Portland, hopefully they continue that way towards the mountain.



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hope this helps our German friend:




much was learned about the ability of the mind and body of climbers during the rescue attempts of the 3 in 1976, I was part of that rescue attempts. The good Lord had other ideas and completely blew off the weather and we were jumping for joy as we saw the stranded guys heading down the hump. prayerfully the same will occur this next several days.

As one of the rescue climbers has mentioned ; if you are not part of the organized effort.........STAY HOME ! It is pointless even with good intentions to commit you and others to needless headache and pain. Let the guys do their job ..


Erich ~

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Yeah, they are going to know the labels on their gear by heart. Hopefully they do not do anything crazy like the remove the tab that says "Do not remove under penalty of law" It would really suck to arrive at Timberline only to have the Sheriff want to chat with them about all those labels. ;-).


The above may sounds silly but keeping positive is a real key to things. During one winter ski tour my partner and I got hammered with 12 feet of snow in 4 days then the temps dropped to -50F. As we wallowed through the snow our manta became "Are we having fun yet?" Everytime time one of us would say that the other would laugh.



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Kauli....you have come across the best source of info in this site. I too was looking for info once I first heard of the situation last weekend. Not only is the info as current as you can find but more importantly, the guys on this site are upbeat and positive, which I believe really helps the situation in big ways. Keep adding your positve energy from across the big pond and welcome!!!!

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After reading all 11 pages of this discussion I also believe that I found the best source of informations about the search for the three on the net. Thank you all.


I will now phone Brians relatives here to tell them, that we can still hope.

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I like to tell whiners on ski and climbing trips that the (bad) conditions are "character building." One said, on a particularly bad weather day, "Well, I guess I'm Bugs Bunny by now then!"


This character is going to re-join Eugene Mtn Rescue next week.


I'd bet they're talking about what they'll eat when they get down. That always keeps me warm.




Edited to add: Kauli, Hell yes, you can still hope! They are having a serious challenge, but it is not unlikely that they will make it down safely. That is not just a line to give you hope, I believe they will be OK.


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There is no interstate mutual aid agreement in effect with Oregon. Therefore, we can not issue a Washington State mission number in support of such requests and any volunteers responding will not be covered under the Emergency Worker Program.


seems to me that this should change in the future.


I totally agree, Dave. It's my understanding that OR units can come to WA to help us, and they are covered, but not the other way around. Mystifying... :confused:


Whats up with that? During a rescue recently on mount Baker BMRC got some help from accross the boarder. Seems if Canada can help us, then we should be able to help other states!


I cannot know the answer to that. It's a bureaucratic thing peculiar to this state. As I said before, it's mystifying.

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yup Kauli - just to add my own good vibes... there are a lot of climbers who are not just **hoping** these guys tough it out and come home safe...we are ***expecting*** them to come down soon. maybe a little worse for wear =) and a tad worn out...but home safe.


and yup - blue sky down where i am too...but webcams seem to be out on the mountain. Feels like things are much improved/improving though...

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Does anyone know if Flir has been involved or contacted? Being located in Portland, it seems a no brainer that the world's premier maker of IR imaging devices should be involved in the effort.


I can only imagine they would love to help if they have a tool that works in this situation.



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Yeah, we climbers have a weird sense of humour and like to make odd jokes when times are miserable. I guess that is our way of dealing.


One of the guys I climbed with always would say "the beatings will continue until morale improves"



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Conditions at Timberline are improving. But the wind gauge at the top of the Palmer appears to have broken.


For friends and family looking for info, current mountain conditions at Skibowl, Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows are available at the Northwest Avalanche Center website. http://www.nwac.us/mtnweather.htm



Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center

Timberline Lodge, Oregon


Precip gage not heating 12-15-06


MM/DD Hour Temp RH Wind Wind Wind Wind Hour Total 24 Hr Total

PST F % Min Avg Max Dir Prec. Prec. Snow Snow

6000' 6000" 6000' 6000' 6000' 6000' 6000' 6000' 6000' 6000'


12 14 1300 38 100 4 15 32 265 .11 .11 -0 76

12 14 1400 38 100 4 14 29 262 .02 .13 -0 72

12 14 1500 37 100 4 14 34 260 0 .13 -0 72

12 14 1600 37 100 5 13 25 253 .01 .14 -0 74

12 14 1700 37 100 5 15 36 251 .04 .18 -0 72

12 14 1800 37 100 7 18 32 253 .05 .23 -0 70

12 14 1900 35 100 6 20 43 256 .09 .32 -0 70

12 14 2000 33 100 8 22 52 257 .06 .38 -0 71

12 14 2100 30 100 6 24 52 267 .02 .4 -0 71

12 14 2200 26 100 10 26 53 267 0 .4 -0 72

12 14 2300 25 100 10 25 50 266 0 .4 -0 72

12 15 0 23 100 9 24 52 265 0 .4 -0 71

12 15 100 23 100 7 22 42 267 0 .4 -0 71

12 15 200 23 100 7 18 34 269 0 .4 0 68

12 15 300 22 99 6 18 37 273 0 .4 2 68

12 15 400 21 99 5 15 33 271 0 .4 4 73

12 15 500 20 99 6 15 25 273 0 .4 5 73

12 15 600 19 98 3 13 26 270 0 .4 7 74

12 15 700 18 98 4 12 23 269 0 .4 9 77

12 15 800 19 98 3 11 22 278 0 .4 10 81

12 15 900 17 97 6 15 33 285 0 .4 10 81

12 15 1000 17 97 5 14 32 280 0 .4 10 81

12 15 1100 17 98 3 13 23 272 0 .4 11 82

12 15 1200 17 98 5 12 24 275 0 .4 11 282



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Seems like really good news about the equipment they were carrying. Having food and fuel can make a huge difference as well as a shovel for building/maintaining or improving a snow/ice cave can be invaluable. I haven't been in weather this extreme, but I have spent 24 hours in a snowcave during a winter storm in the Tetons and it was amazingly warm and protective.


Also the MSN video interview with the wife of Kelly James seemed to have good information about the location of the snow cave he is in.

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