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  1. Right on - thanks for the road report man! I'm calling in sick to work tomorrow (ice fever = rare, but highly contagious) so it's nice to know we can get to the goods without having to break out the taun tauns.
  2. CONGRATS MEL!!! Hey, is Jake Porter base off my 'real life' sweetie? Can't wait to read the book! hummm... better sex life for those who read romance novels....I better start reading again! Winter is coming and nothing like a good night of lovin' to heat the sheets up!
  3. Holy crap -I feel the need for more cowbells!!
  4. BTW, LHamilton: Thanks for sharing those photos of Dr Lee. My prayers are with you and his family.
  5. I can agree that a helmet probably wouldn't have saved his life, but to quote his wife: "But Gary Lee, who had summited Mount Hood more than 40 times, knew the mountain "from all angles . . . and at all times of the year," said his wife, Dr. Stephanie Harris" If that is the case, it does seem a bit careless to climb that area this time of year, especially to down climb that particular route when there is a significant lack of snow. Also, it was my understanding that they were on the route rather late in the day which would contribute to rock fall. I know that people still have enjoyed these climbs late in the season, but if your life depended on it, I guess the hassle of a car shuttle to the South Side doesn't sound too bad. I don't mean to sound insensitive, I DO grieve along with his family, but lets not be hard on the rescuers that do put their lives at risk to help out a fellow climber. Especially these days when the media and public is out to claim that climbing is a reckless and dangerous activity. Also, the media may have taken Rollins quote a bit out of context.
  6. The forest service reports that the road to climbers bivouac is now open!
  7. Wow - looks like everyone on the mountain Monday was a CC.com sprayer... We turned around at the top of the Hogsback just as Robert & crew were finishing up the last of their gnarly P.G. descent. Looked like pretty slow going but good on ya for purposefully descending that mess. Lots of little ice bullets coming off the cliffs above. I too was surprised to see that group heading straight for DKHW at noon. You can get away with that nonsense in February but not in May. Oh wait - it was February. Felt like May though... Helluva day to play on the mountain!!!
  8. OMG! Too stinkin cute!! Keep the guys away from her.
  9. Portland State University is hosting the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival and ticket proceeds go to PMR. Come show your support of our local mountain rescue organization and enjoy some good adventure films. When: Thursday, January 31st Time: doors open at 6:30 pm, films begin at 7:30 pm Tickets: $10 student, $12 non-student (day of) $6 student, $8 non-student (if purchased in advance) Where:PSU Smith Memorial Student Union, room #355 Map :www.pdx.edu/map.html There will be a raffle and silent auction of gear generously donated by local businesses. Parking will be difficult due to construction. Please PM me if you have any questions.
  10. Okay, pager just went off....which one of you guys is up there? Sounds like Leuthold Couloir -2 climbers overdue. Hope all come off alright.
  11. Rescuers are getting frusterated with reckless mistakes that climbers are making. This group, for instance, had all sorts of maps, a compass, a gps, and altimeter, but no one was knowledgeable on how to use these tools. Also it seemed that they weren't familiar with the surroundings. One guy didn't know where Yocum Ridge was. Instead of being self-sufficient, it seemed that this group took the easy way out and called for help instead of trying to get themselves out of trouble. This group should have been working on their navigational skills on the South Side of the mountain that day instead of trying to attempt Leuthold Couloir.
  12. Happy ending for all, including the pooch. I guess the dog helped aid in keeping the climbers warm throughout the night. Glad to hear that everyone is down off the mountain safe.
  13. Glad to hear all will be ok! I am for bringing the dog. My dog loves it and there is no way we could get out of the house without her. She can tell what's going on when we are packing up our gear. And if we stay home for a weekend, boy does she let us know that we are pathetic. Some dogs do real well outdoors, take em out and have some fun together. But maybe keep an eye on them in areas that tend to be more dangerous.
  14. I was just beginning to think the same....is this you guys?
  15. I think that the climbers over compensated -trying to avoid heading towards Zig Zag and ended up near WRC. I have almost done that before, but checked the GPS and got myself back on track. I think that it was the sign of glide cracks in the snow that made me think...
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