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  1. max and eric, see your inbox. I will write "SOLD" next to anything that is spoken for with a check in the mail.
  2. Various Gear for sale, all of it is in good to excellent shape. Most of the cams are extras which have been placed less than 5 times or not at all. Some of the biners are discolored from being stored in a rope bag. Here is a link to pics of all of it: http://picasaweb.google.com/powchaser/GearSale?authkey=DkGqdXJCW6s You'll get a much quicker response if you email me. powchaser gmail com You pay actual shipping from 97463 Sold everything except these: BD Switchblade Step In Crampons (dual pts only) $60. red Camp Tricam $5.
  3. That sucks to have to dig, or find some other way in, but what should the FS do, post a guard to stop vandals? I'd be suprised if there are more than two LEOs for the whole forest.
  4. Apologies if this is has been posted. A fellow rescuer sent this email out. I know its a long shot but this site sees a lot of traffic so... If you hear of any sales fitting these descriptions (ebay, etc.) please PM me. I will pass on the information to the owner and he can check it out himself. Just asking for your eyes, nothing more. Thanks. "Last night 12/03/06 nearly everything I own, all outdoor gear, was Stolen from my vehicle, via two broken windows. I would estimate that value of these goods to be in the range of $10,000. I highly doubt that the person who stole them will use them. With this in mind... If any person hears of the [suspicious] sale of used backpacking, mountaineering, or climbing equipment including but not limited to: MSR snow shoes,arc'tyrix shell pants, black prophets, ice axes, crampons, older dana designs and osprey backpacks, TNF sleeping bags, OR bivy sack, DTS tracker beacon, Orange Patagonia shell jacket, puff ball jacket and pants, ski helmet,pickets, avi probe, a Suunto T6 watch, Suunto vector watch, medical kits,several assorted base layers and other outdoor clothing..."
  5. I like to tell whiners on ski and climbing trips that the (bad) conditions are "character building." One said, on a particularly bad weather day, "Well, I guess I'm Bugs Bunny by now then!" This character is going to re-join Eugene Mtn Rescue next week. I'd bet they're talking about what they'll eat when they get down. That always keeps me warm. Respect. Edited to add: Kauli, Hell yes, you can still hope! They are having a serious challenge, but it is not unlikely that they will make it down safely. That is not just a line to give you hope, I believe they will be OK.
  6. I went up on Wed, the 29th and was skiing knee deep fluff (the snow fell at 3000 ft Tuesday night). It was great and even thought the snow level hase come up again for thu, fri, it is supposed to be back down to 3500, 3000 for this new storm. The warm spell DID stabilize that hoary snow, and we now have a great base (and an ice lens!). It is cooling off fairly slowly with this new batch of weather so I think bonding will be good to the slushy layer.
  7. Does the tree have an inherrent right to exist "undamaged"? Why? Does it "deserve" to be "allowed" to live without whatshisname and hisbuddy poking it and stuff? Ethics are simply your own preferences backed up with some shit that seems more sturdy than "just" your preferences. (Call it god, science, experience or whatever, its just an excuse). There are no tree ethics any more than there are rock ethics or ecosystem ethics. There are only ways of doing things that "we" approve of and ways we don't.
  8. Cams: Yellow rigid stem friend, brand new, used once, $20. 0 Metolius tcu. old, beat up, $5 .25, .50, .75, Rock Empire quad cams, $8 each. #4, #5 Rock Empire quad cams $12 each. #10 metolius quad cam, used a few times, $40. Camp tricams, pink (used) and red (almost new), $12 each. BD Hexs: 10, 9, 7, 5, make offer. ABC nuts (like BD Stoppers) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, make offer. BD Stoppers: 5, 12, 13, make offer. MSR 24' picket, $15. You pay shipping or pick up in Eugene. Email or post with questions.
  9. Zenolith


    oh look! its the gymsters fan club. mr e, you have an average of 200 posts per month. what the fuck else do you do? they must have have internet at your gym.
  10. Zenolith


    I suggest a change in the climbing lexicon. Calling gym users 'climbers' is confusing. Its like calling people who use a rowing machine 'kayakers' or calling a girl that jacks herself off for you a 'whore'. Phuck that. They're gymsters, just below hamsters in the social order.
  11. bungle, holy cow. your observations are prophetic. short, small dick, big suv, obsession with guns, powertripping...its textbook.
  12. My usual partner is going thru a pussywhipped stage so I'm on the hunt for someone or two to climb (alpine) and bc ski with near Eugene. I will be going to the ice in BC later and like to climb in the sisters (esp. B Top and N Sis) and Jeff, Hood, Shasta, etc. Game to go most anywhere though. I have all needed gear and a 4x4. Email or PM me.
  13. Zenolith

    Important Poll!

    yay. i was the first to vote in this third poll at 11:22pm. but, i can't see the results oth the other two polls without making the answer to the last poll incorrect. that would skew the data and make this all meaningless so, will some one tell me if the other two polls are still at 100 percent? thanks.
  14. Looking for people to ski with and do multi-day ski/climbs. I am an advanced BC skier and a decent mountaineer. Also dig the rare ice pitch or three. Right now my regular partner is P-whipped and has hangovers when we need to hit the mountain. So, fuck that. Anyway, I live in Eugene and play mostly in the Willamette, Hood and Deschutes NFs. Call (541-484-4504) or e-mail (krowell@coa.edu-much slower response).
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