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3 Lost on Mount Hood


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The last hours brought us a few good messages. I was very happy to hear about the note, the three left in the ranger station. Since it is 11:30 pm here in Germany I go to sleep now. I am shure that I can read more good news tomorow morning when I am online again.


Keep your finger's crossed.

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Got this in my inbox... Just passing it along:

Brian at KATU



For Immediate Release


Mt. Hood Closed to Climbing to Assist Search and Rescue Efforts


Sandy, OR – Effective today, December 15, 2006, Mt. Hood is closed to all climbing. The area of the mountain above the Pacific Crest Trail and the Timberline Trail is closed to everyone except the search and rescue teams directed by the Hood River County Sheriff.


The purpose of the closure is intended to assist efforts to find the three missing climbers. With a forecasted break in the weather, rescuers plan an all out effort to find the missing climbers. By keeping everyone out of the area, the sheriff will be able to eliminate any false clues left by others such as tracks or cell phone signals. The public is asked to abide by this closure.


The Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Areas remain open. The area immediately outside the ski areas is closed to all public entry. Cooper Spur Ski Area, located at a lower elevation than the closed area also remains open.


As provided by state law, the Hood River County Sheriff is the lead for this search and rescue effort. For specific information related to the search and rescue efforts, please contact the sheriff’s information office


at 541-387-2290 or 541-387-2291.


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These graphs are from NWAC data at Timberline. Magic Mile wind gauges appear to be frozen. You can use the little << arrows to look back to prior hour data sets too.


Wind Graph




Timberline Weather Page here on cascadeclimbers:



Ski Bowl



I don't have a MHM page built out yet.

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The fact is though, they didn't do something stupid, I'm sure they were not ignorant of the weather possibilities here, and this situation did not happen because they're Texans or New Yorkers. Their actions are no different than the many others on and off this board who climb Hood all the time. They got the summit and would have made it down, but they had an injury when extra time to extract the injured person was not afforded them by nature. It is an unfortuante coincidence, not some foolish decision they made. Without the accident (assumption, but why else would they split up?), I'm sure there would have never been something to make this trip stand out from the many other trips up Hood.

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come on guys keep it positive! there are still three men up there. spray aboput their mistakes when they are down safe and warm.


trust me, there is nothing worse then sitting in a hole on top of a volcano knowing there are people out there looking for you and your family and friends are worried sick. been there done that. they know they fucked up, nuff said. nobody loves the master of the obvious.

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