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  1. The last hours brought us a few good messages. I was very happy to hear about the note, the three left in the ranger station. Since it is 11:30 pm here in Germany I go to sleep now. I am shure that I can read more good news tomorow morning when I am online again. Keep your finger's crossed.
  2. After reading all 11 pages of this discussion I also believe that I found the best source of informations about the search for the three on the net. Thank you all. I will now phone Brians relatives here to tell them, that we can still hope.
  3. I am a cousin of Brian Hall from germany. While despairly looking for any pice of information about the search for Brian and his friends, I found your forum. I was wondering, if you could help my search for more informations by suggest urls of websites who reporting about the situation in Oregon and any other information you got. Brians whole geman family would be deeply grateful. Thank you in advance
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