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  1. hope this helps our German friend: http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_121506_news_missing_climbers_friday.10a00d9b.html much was learned about the ability of the mind and body of climbers during the rescue attempts of the 3 in 1976, I was part of that rescue attempts. The good Lord had other ideas and completely blew off the weather and we were jumping for joy as we saw the stranded guys heading down the hump. prayerfully the same will occur this next several days. As one of the rescue climbers has mentioned ; if you are not part of the organized effort.........STAY HOME ! It is pointless even with good intentions to commit you and others to needless headache and pain. Let the guys do their job .. Erich ~
  2. any further news on my old stomping grounds ? are the routes blown out due to warmth ? E ~
  3. mtnfreak thanks for finally explaining just what those names of the Coulouirs were called, did Harrington back in the fall of 1999 E ~
  4. interesting I thought this was in regard to James giving his phone a mysterious ping-click on Tuesday ........ Gents getting onto this thread quite late but was the weather favorable for the three the day of the ascent up Cooper ? have to say here down in southern Oregon we are getting quite a few conflicting reports from CNN, MSNBC and FOX. have been on this route in late October and what a great ice route on and off Cooper onto the Eliot headwall. During blizzard white-out conditions, another story altogether, this all reminds me of the ascents in drastic conditions up on Mt. Shasta via the Hotlum headwall E ~ God's speed guys !
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