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  1. climbing gloves

    http://www.seamar.com/atlas/460.html Freezer Gloves are great, similar but warmer(& more expensive) to the gloves suggested above. I like thin fleece gloves also, take 2 pair so one can be drying (a mesh pocket inside your jacket) Multipitch or poor weather I also bring a warmer pair of insulated gloves or mittens with a nylon shell that has some sort of water resistance. Too thick for climbing but nice to warm the fingers inbetween pitches or while belaying Cheers, James
  2. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    At first I wanted to post thoughts, insight and rants about some of the specifics of what I am reading here. I thought better of it but do want to say to those of you seeking information not everything here is sound advice there are obviously lots of armchair mountaineers, "experienced outdoorsman" and gawkers that are posting poor information and advice -just take it all with a grain of salt! Really I just want to say it has been a hard year for the climbing community, if we have lost another RIP and you will be remembered and missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to family and friends. I have lost a couple of friends to the climbing this year alone. I think I may have met the Dallas guys in Ouray, if so they were friendly and amiable, great guys! I wish the best for the 2 climbers still unaccounted for and my Christmas charity donation this year is going to one of the SAR groups in the Portland/Hood area. -James
  3. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Seems like really good news about the equipment they were carrying. Having food and fuel can make a huge difference as well as a shovel for building/maintaining or improving a snow/ice cave can be invaluable. I haven't been in weather this extreme, but I have spent 24 hours in a snowcave during a winter storm in the Tetons and it was amazingly warm and protective. Also the MSN video interview with the wife of Kelly James seemed to have good information about the location of the snow cave he is in.
  4. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Sending ya'll up on the Mountain (both climbers and rescue personal) some warm thoughts from down south. Fellow Texans are thinking about you and wishing you well, hang in a couple more days!! -James