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What do you want to see climbed this Winter?


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I'm with Sol on this one John.


Same here.


However, while I'd say the lads' jaunt was the first true alpine style ascent, ours was in better style and much more important since we wore red capes and speedos throughout. Except in the photos of course. 'Cause like, that'd be weird.

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""Help me out re: a lead fall on this one.

Do you die instantly or you suffer first?""


Actually it would be a clean fall cuz it's dead vertical


but I don't ever climb to fall on ice so I wouldn't know what happens.


I think in this pic it was in gift conditions, while still grade 5 it was continuous, it's usually got a thinner section where it thins to the right.

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I was talking about cryo and hydro (the upper of the two pics Buckaroo posted) but Id love to get on shreddie too.


Let me know when it's in and Ill lead :)


cool man.... when it doesn't touch down it goes at M7 with some bolts... I wouldn't mind trying that either.... but we may have to take turns leading ;)

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