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  1. [TR] Mount Thomson - West Ridge 07/13/2019

    Such a fun cascade outing. Too bad about the views. It’s position amidst the alpine lakes is hard to match.
  2. Wow. Great story. The older I get, the less I want to climb big peaks because of such dangers. Thanks for the reminder of that and also for the reinforcement that it’s not about the summit, but the journey.
  3. [TR] Alaska - West Ridge of Mt. Hunter (Begguya) 06/07/2019

    Sounds like adventure! Glad you all were able to summit and dodge some serious bullets. Learn from those experiences.
  4. Nice trip. I love the alpine lakes. I’ve done lots of exploring on and off trail out there and there are always new adventures to have. What a special place.
  5. [TR] Mt. Hood - Infinity Loop 06/21/2019

    Lovely. Endurance days in the ,mountains are always memorable. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Cool! Thanks for sharing amazing photos as usual!
  7. [TR] LIBERTY - The path of freedom 06/01/2019

    Nice one! Cool to see a seldom traveled peak here in one of my favorite wildernesses.
  8. [TR] Humpback Mountain - Humpback Flows 02/07/2019

    I’ve been eyeing this the sheet for years but never dragged my tools up there. Glad someone did. Hats off.
  9. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.Barry LePatner
  10. Love it! Red rocks is my favorite! Thanks for the stoke!
  11. [TR] Sloan Peak - Corkscrew 11/17/2018

    Love that route. It’s been a season of giving this Autumn. I’ve been surprised by our sunny weekends.
  12. 3 o’clock rock stewards, thank you

    Thanks. Clear creek provides, I just press buttons.
  13. I had a spectacular day up there yesterday. Ive been climbing up here for ten years now and really appreciate the bolt replacement and general maintenance that has been happening. I climbed the Kone yesterday and every bolt was shiny new. Even the majority of bolts on the descent (Gastroblast) look brand-spanking new! Makes me want to finally climb that route. My first route in Darrington was Till abroad Daylight with, then, my future wife and it was a memorable moment early in our relationship. I may have not thought it so enjoyable if I had any idea how sketchy the ancient quarter inchers and button heads were! This route has also been upgraded to modern 3/8 stainless steel hardware btw. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and hope one day I will make the time to give back a bit more myself.
  14. “Not all who wander are lost.” -J. R. R. Tolkien Nice wandering fellas.