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  1. [TR] Guye Peak - South Rib 05/25/2021

    Every outing, rain or shine, is an opportunity to learn about climbing and yourself. Keep at it! I love the youthful energy. Something this site has lacked for a while. Keep bringing the stoke, dude!
  2. [TR] Alaska, Ruth Gorge, Moses Tooth - Ham and Eggs 04/23/2021

    Sweet photos! Thanks for sharing your adventure!
  3. [TR] Beebe Mountain - NE ridge 05/02/2021

    Wow! Wolverine tracks! That’s how you know you are on the path TRULY less traveled! Thanks for a glimpse at a seldom posted mountain!
  4. Beautiful! That Ross Lake shot is breath-taking!
  5. [TR] Broken Top - Full Richardson 04/05/2021

    Bad ass! Nice photos too! Thanks for sharing!
  6. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this adventure! I was in Kauai 7 years ago and remember looking up at that mountain and that east face and wondering. What a special place.
  7. [TR] Mount Shuksan - NW Couloir 03/10/2021

    That’s a sweet line. Nice work being patient with conditions.
  8. [TR] Mt McLoughlin - Through rock in North bowl 03/03/2021

    Looks like this would be a fun ski in the right conditions. Way to use your eyes and not just a guide book
  9. Nice report Jason. I had a similar idea for my 2020 summer. I was out there at the same time with a small crew. MY first time. What a place! That East ridge of Wolf's head is special. We, too, got turned around on a couple routes because we were looking for "easier" climbing. Turns out, we were just weak, out of shape, and scared! LOL!
  10. [TR] Sperry Peak - East Gully 01/23/2021

    Rad! Almost makes me want to get a new pair of ice tools!
  11. [TR] Trappers Peak - South Ridge 01/23/2021

    How was the descent? Good skiing?
  12. [TR] WELKER! - Whacky Wallow 01/18/2021

    The king of cascade limbers strikes again! Maybe I should call you king of wallowing? King of choss? 🤣
  13. Sick! Looks dreamy! Jason, the yellow pad does not signal “junk show”. It signals “seasoned vet of the cascades” ... or so I like to tell myself when I, too am carrying one on my back! 😏🤣
  14. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Man, do I miss the Utah desert and all it’s lovely sandstone.
  15. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    Interesting. I assumed there was good ice out there but never knew how big it was. Very nice!