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  1. Sounds like a great adventure! I've got to visit that range one day.
  2. Wow. I had no idea those peaks existed. Stunning trip as always. You seem to know just where to go to find obscure gems.
  3. Nice! That was my first darrington route years ago. Somehow those suspect bolts didn't deter me. I look forward to enjoying this classic again. Thanks Matt!
  4. [TR] Four Days in Boston Basin 8/1/2017

    Great trip! I did almost this same exact one about 10 years ago. First taste of alpine rock. Spooked the shit out of me, but I persevered and now laugh at the memory of almost freaking out on my partner upon reaching the ridge crest of forbidden. Who climbs with rings on their fingers!!!??? 😂 Seriously though, not a great idea for many reasons. I wear mine on a piece of skinny cord around my neck for climbing and it works great. Sorry about the sapphire.
  5. [TR] Mt Carrie - Catwalk Scramble 7/29/2017

    Nice one. Cool area. BTW, that is a bobcat not a cougar. Cougars are larger and have long tails. Bobcats have stubby tails. Time to start tackling Smoots cascade peaks?
  6. I really hope someone is paying you to take photos. Stunning trip and photos. Can we vote for favorite TR contributors? I vote Jason all the way. You make this site great!
  7. Gotta love these long days of Summer! Way to trash and grab a lesser traveled peak.
  8. Nice work guys. Herrington's book showed a very obvious opening for that FA buttress. I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to put up that line.
  9. [TR] Lower Doublet - Line of Constant Sorrow 7/1/2017

    Nice looking adventure line. What kind of rock is that?
  10. [TR] Mt. Fury - North Buttress 6/23/2017

    Nice one! Impressed with the effort
  11. Great TR. Thanks for the stoke!
  12. Nice early season pickets trip. Looks like fun.
  13. Very nice assortment of cascade climbing! It must have been tough going back to boring Conneticut. I grew up in NH, and moved out here 11 years ago for the cascades. If you liked "Total Soul", next time you are out you should include the illusion wall out in Darrington. It's like alpine cragging at its best. Excellent rock, fun features, bolted rappel anchors and no crowds.
  14. [TR] Sherpa Glacier-Cascadian Couloir 5/27/17

    Looks like a fun adventure. Too bad about the shoe.
  15. Ivan, We think it's that magical Darrington grade of 10+ I have climbed the crux pitches 3 different times and they all felt different. Summer sun makes it feel 5.11, yet autumn coolness made it feel a mere 5.10. It's protected well either way and as of last summer, the pitch 7 crux was home to the only lead falls.