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  1. Sweet! I hope this is me and my boy some in the future. congrats on the Bulgers! Impressive!
  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me I am very rusty on my aid techniques.
  3. Wow. Looks ballsy. Glad your strength and skills gave you what you needed to make this sound semi casual!
  4. Yikes! Sounds like you found the next modern moderate in the n. Cascades? 😏 I too understand the edge of adulting when you still climb but start to consider the consequences of such a line. Stay safe and thanks for sharing!
  5. Sweet! Sounds casual for the average cascadian crusher.
  6. Wow. You guys should get someone to front the bill on a coffee table book of your FAs. It would be an entertaining collection of adventures. I’m impressed with your ability to manage the choss. You seem to have the drive to do so even with the experience and wisdom countering such decisions. My hat off to you, gentlemen.
  7. Wow! Gorgeous photos! Reminds me to finally get to the Alps for real.
  8. Thanks for the close ups of the s. Face. Looks lovely. I wonder if the left leaning crack is the 5.3.?
  9. The mountains can shape you in the best ways. Savor the experience! Nice write up!
  10. Wow! That looks lovely! It’s always great to see a project through!
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