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  1. Camping around GTNP

    Hey gang, I have a trip planned for WY at the end of July. Where is there good camping near GTNP? The climbers ranch is closed for the 2020 season due to COVID. 😕 Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. [TR] Banks Lake - various 06/20/2020

    Banks is awful. The sun is oppressive, the mosquitos horrid, and the wasps swarm from every flared crack you climb. Plus all the holds are slopping in the same direction and the few jugs explode at the slightest pull. Also, the locals try to run you down with their ATVs or shoot you off the wall. you got lucky finding banks lake on the only week of the year this shit doesn’t happen. 😏🤫
  3. Washington High Routes and Traverses

    Epic list. Thank you for putting in the time. I need to add my own traverse to this list, once I actually complete it.
  4. Yea, I’ve tried 2, 3, & 4 day trips with a variety of altitudes we stopped at and every time I got sick on the second day. 🙄 Yet many of my friends have been up and down Rainier multiple times in a 24 window and never felt a bit of sickness. everyone is different.
  5. Nice one. I have attempted to climb rainier 3 times, each a failure due to severe altitude sickness. Some just can’t catch a break. I don’t dream of this Mtn much anymore but when I do it is of this route. Thanks for the stoke.
  6. Wandering the hills last week I found what looks like a couple of good walls with what looks like ice and steep snow reminiscent of the North facing walls of Kent and Abiel Peaks. I have given up on being an ice climber but compulsively still look for lines. All photos were taken during this past week of warm sunny weather yet many faces still held ice. The first 3 photos are above the granite lakes on the backside of Mailbox peak. the 4th pic is of the West Face of Kaleetan Peak. That right leaning ramp looks promising. the 5th pic is of the NW shoulder of Web Mountain (a sub mountain between Mt Defiance and Dirty Harry’s peak. this one seems most intriguing because the Web Mountain trail from the Farside parking lot of Exit 38 seems to take you most of the way there from I-90.
  7. [TR] Big Bear! - Brushtissima 11/11/2019

    Love all those views. What a vantage point.
  8. [TR] Dragontail Peak - North East Couloir 11/23/2019

    Nice write up. I always appreciate the honesty in a good TR. there are always mixed feelings in big climbs. Congrats on an exciting day in the hills.
  9. [TR] Mt. Triumph - NE Ridge 09/21/2019

    Nice climb. And, agreed, I’ll give the NH “wicked fast” label too.
  10. Wow. Looks fun. So many adventures, so little time. Nice work on the marathon+ in a day. Wish my knee could handle that kind of “love” again. 😁
  11. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Dragons of Eden 07/19/2019

    Wild! Way to throw yourself at something like that.
  12. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Dragons of Eden 07/19/2019

    Wild! Way to throw yourself at something like that.
  13. Wonderful read and the best mountain porn on the web. Thanks for always entertaining Jason. This is a good dose of Cascade love for me sweating my balls off in SE China. 🍻!