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  1. Beautiful pictures and a nice solo adventure. Thanks for sharing.
  2. [TR] Static Point - Lost Charms, 5.9, 5 p 08/30/2020

    Glad to hear the trail is in great shape and new hardware on the classic. I need to make it back out. That place is old school and quite good.
  3. [TR] Forbidden - E Ridge Direct 08/26/2020

    Wow. Great report. Love the stoke! A reminder that I need to revisit such an amazing peak.
  4. [TR] Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range - Arrigetch 08/15/2020

    Wow! What an amazing adventure! Your photos are great and you really capture some great moments. I wish there was more photos of the actual climbing. 😊
  5. [TR] Twin Sisters - Obscurities Redux 08/23/2020

    Ooo! Nice line. I like what is to the left on that wall too!
  6. [TR] Mount Ballard - West Face 08/08/2020

    Cool! I love seeing TRs of these long forgotten peaks. Sad to see the trail in such horrible shape. Much of the Pasayten trails seem to have fallen into this condition. I had the same issue along the lost river and monument creek up and over pistol pass a handful of years ago. Books and maps said the trail was there, NF had no current beta, so we had a pretty serious schwack. Ballard is not on the Bulger list!? I wonder why?
  7. [TR] Inspiration Peak - East Ridge 08/16/2020

    Nice work. Looks great!
  8. [TR] Blum - North ridge 08/15/2020

    Nice! This has been on my list for a while. Looks right up my alley! πŸ€ͺ
  9. Wow. Quite a story. A good reminder that shit happens to very experienced climbers. Sorry it had to happen to you. The rescue sounded like it was smooth as can be. Outside of the accident you must feel quite fortunate for the beautiful trip and the speedy rescue. Cheers to learning from mistakes!
  10. [TR] Mt Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 08/09/2020

    Every mountain trip is a learning experience.
  11. [TR] Mt Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 08/09/2020

    Bummer on the failed summit. So close. Why was your buddy sick? Sounds like the universe is fighting you hard on this peak. Keep trying and be more careful on the descent. πŸ‘ƒ πŸ€•
  12. Cool idea. Lovely photos.
  13. [TR] Mt Triumph - NE Ridge 07/17/2020

    Interesting story. Serac fall sounds scary. The mountains always teach if you are paying attention. Glad you are around to do the learning. Warm, Late evenings are bad times to be crossing glaciers. It was well over 10 years ago now but I seem to recall a 60M rope being the right length with some downclimbing at times. Doubles don’t make sense as you are rappelling steps in what is mostly a 3rd/4th class ridge.
  14. [TR] Three O'Clock Rock - Silent Running 07/25/2020

    12 cars at the TH is unheard of! Crazy!
  15. Wow. What a wild idea. I love your creativity to challenge in the mtns. Just goes to show you, our biggest mountains reside inside us all.