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  1. Prusik

    He doesn't smell that bad...
  2. Any Ice in Leavenworth?

    There is ice to be had. Albeit a bit thin but its still in.
  3. Found: Gri Gri at Nason

    That's mine. Info sending.
  4. RopeUp 2010

    Amen brother.
  5. Join Me

    I have the entire month of August off from work. In september I will be selling my soul to Wenatchee college for the next three years. This is my month to send. Looking for people to swap leads with or not. I like to hike fast and enjoy a lightweight minimalist approach. Big days car to car are preferred but I'll do overnighters as well. Here is my list: Prusik: Lady Godiva/Solid Gold Juno Tower: Clean Break SEWS: The Hitchiker/The Passenger Adventure climbing past Salmon La Sac Obscure routes up Ingalls Creek Liberty Bell: Freedom Rider Burgundy Spire: Action Potential/Ultramega O.K./ Goose Egg: Many I like hiking long distances with packs and have a perverse enjoyment for bushwacking. I am not allowed into Canada. Now you know. I am open to other suggestions, ideas, and states to climb in. I would also be into some aid routes as well. Send me a p.m., an email, a text, or a message. (206) 795-8219 Looking forward to this next month. Cheers. Geoff
  6. White Granite Up High

    I'll lead whatever....
  7. White Granite Up High

    Prusik: SOlid Gold. C'mon, Let's get Funkadelic!
  8. White Granite Up High

    Sha-poots. I'm movin' to the dryside this weekend. I've done enough (see: too much) back and forth of late. Otherwise, I'd join you.
  9. White Granite Up High

    Dear, Fauchers. I want to climb a peak up in the Enchantments this weekend. I need someone (you) to climb it with. If this would interest you, Send me a PM to talk about options. Rock options. -Geoff
  10. Exactly. Goose Egg is whatever you want it to be.
  11. Even the boulders bite back...

    Glad he didn't bleed out and die. Good job getting his ass to the ER in a timely manner!
  12. FOUND: A Rack @ Castle Rock

    Is the album name.
  13. FOUND: A Rack @ Castle Rock

    PS I Love You
  14. FOUND: A Rack @ Castle Rock

    By Kid606