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  1. He doesn't smell that bad...
  2. There is ice to be had. Albeit a bit thin but its still in.
  3. I have the entire month of August off from work. In september I will be selling my soul to Wenatchee college for the next three years. This is my month to send. Looking for people to swap leads with or not. I like to hike fast and enjoy a lightweight minimalist approach. Big days car to car are preferred but I'll do overnighters as well. Here is my list: Prusik: Lady Godiva/Solid Gold Juno Tower: Clean Break SEWS: The Hitchiker/The Passenger Adventure climbing past Salmon La Sac Obscure routes up Ingalls Creek Liberty Bell: Freedom Rider Burgundy Spire: Action Potential/Ultramega O.K./ Goose Egg: Many I like hiking long distances with packs and have a perverse enjoyment for bushwacking. I am not allowed into Canada. Now you know. I am open to other suggestions, ideas, and states to climb in. I would also be into some aid routes as well. Send me a p.m., an email, a text, or a message. (206) 795-8219 Looking forward to this next month. Cheers. Geoff
  4. Prusik: SOlid Gold. C'mon, Let's get Funkadelic!
  5. Sha-poots. I'm movin' to the dryside this weekend. I've done enough (see: too much) back and forth of late. Otherwise, I'd join you.
  6. Dear, Fauchers. I want to climb a peak up in the Enchantments this weekend. I need someone (you) to climb it with. If this would interest you, Send me a PM to talk about options. Rock options. -Geoff
  7. Exactly. Goose Egg is whatever you want it to be.
  8. Glad he didn't bleed out and die. Good job getting his ass to the ER in a timely manner!
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