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Lightweight summer bag recommendations


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I just bought the Go-Lite 40 degree synthethic bag. Not as compact as I had hoped, but pretty fucking light at just under 2 pounds. Haven't used it yet but will next week. No zipper or frills.

Nelson stocks a good assortment of super light synth and down bags made by Mont-Bell, Integral Designs, and Midwestern.

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This is what I would get:



Western Mountaineering Highlite.

Rated to 40 degrees and weighs 16oz.

Doesn't have a water resistant shell, but I wouldn't trust a dryloft (or similar) shell on it's own to keep me dry anyway. Bring a bivy sack or tarp. I have the WM Ultralite (20degrees, 1lb,11oz) and I like it, but I'd like to get a Highlite for summer. I've heard they are a little tight, so if you are a big guy that might be a concern. I hardly ever zip my bag all the way up in the summer anyway.


Nunatak makes some really lightweight bags too.


You can check out the WM bags and the Nunatak bags at Jim Nelson's shop www.promountainsports.com


Marmot Hydrogen and Mtn Hardware Phantom are good lightweight production bags.

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Lightweight (21 ozs. shocked.gif) and very compressible.


None of the really lightweight shells used in the newer bags are VERY water resistant, sure they have DWR on them, but nothing like dryloft or something comparable. Those weigh too much to be used on really lightweight bags.


Good luck.... wave.gif

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(Local shameless self promotion)



Feathered Friends Merlin


Made in Seattle. You choose the fabrics and the down quality. You also choose the weigth by having these options.


Best bag in the biz says Outside mag. (Not like that matters)


Bomber construction cool customer service folks cool.gif and a rockin retail store. Only problem, you can't preview before you buy without having one shipped to you. If you're serious though, it is worth it.


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I have the WM highlite. I love it. The nylon they use seems to be lighter than anything I have seen. I dont have an durability complaints but I take good care of my stuff. I have found it surprisingly warm.


THere are also half bags but I dont find them super appealing. There are plenty of summer climbs where you would have no use for a down coat but still want your shoulders covered for sleeping.

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So did they ever make a sleeping bag using the TNF Met5 jacket technology??? rolleyes.gif


they had some issue with the 9V battery cantfocus.gif


Apparently things were going well until somebody pissed themselves during trials and burnt their genitals off and the tent down.

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I'm not a huge fan of REi gear, but the Sub Kilo 20 deg Rules. It packs incredibly small.
I've got this one, and it is a good bag. I wouldn't call it a "summer bag" though. However, at just 2.1 lbs, i wouldn't see myself buying another bag for summer pruposes unless i was saving at least 10 or 12 ounces without sacrificing too much insulation.


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