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  1. BD Cobras

    Selling a pair of BD Cobras. Couple years old. Used about 4 times at Ouray, excellent condition. 1 hammer, 1 adze $425 I can deliver in Seattle area
  2. You can rap DH/LA with one rope. From the top of the 3rd pitch of DH, rap straight down (2 raps get you to the ground). A 70m gets you all the way to dirt on the last rap, a 60 gets you to the ledge about 20 ft up on Calling Wolfgang, which requires a downclimbing.
  3. Bosch Bulldog Drill Problem

    hey jon i brought my bulldog to these guys a few years ago and they cleaned and service it for around $25. they are worth checking out. Tool Pros 10334 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125 206.525.6448
  4. House in Index for rent

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but... My friend has a house out here in Index he is looking to rent. Its a 1 bedroom plus a loft on its own 2 acres. Big enough for 2 single people. At the end of the road, but still here in town. No houses between it and the river. Large deck, large yard, big trees. Around $800 a month. Feel free to post questions here or email me. ClimbingIndex@yahoo.com
  5. House in Index for rent

    They prefer long-term, but I bet they would go month to month (maybe just until a long-term option comes up).
  6. Physical Therapists in Seattle area

    Im getting surgery on torn rotator cuff AND labrum. Are there any climbing Physical Therapists that love their jobs in the Seattle area? I have to find a PT by the 26th and would love some references. thanks
  7. Physical Therapists in Seattle area

    thanks for the info jon, I'll def give them a call. ya tyler, the doc said that a 3 month recovery is likely given the 20% tear(s) and my awesome physical shape going into surgery...who know a steady diet of bourbon and soda while watching the rain fall in index was the preferred 'pre-surgery' diet. should be ready for the traverse by the time the snow melts up there this summer. Snowing on the upper town wall today, wtf?
  8. be careful this spring

    If you are anywhere in the Sky valley (much less on a boulder 30 ft off hwy 2) I usually hack away. The next time you go back, whatever you cut down will have grown back anyway:)
  9. First Ascents - how to

    dont forget Mr. Funtime
  10. FYI on Index - The Cheeks Area

    way to be responsible stewards guys! you are correct...that is one of the places the falcons nest every year. the lack of traffic over there gives them a hassle free place to do their thing. the biologists who set up their spotting scopes down in town, can get good observations due to the nests location.
  11. Walter B @ Index (anchor bolt a bit sketchy)

    tightened the anchor bolt and the others on the route as well...all is right in the world again. chris
  12. Walter B @ Index (anchor bolt a bit sketchy)

    it was a standard 3/8 bolt using, standard practices. no loctite, over-torqueing, etc. what ive noticed with many bolts placed at index, during the first couple years it seems that freeze thaw can loosen the bolts a bit, requiring re-tightening, which usually takes care of the problem. (or maybe its just the train vibration/5th force combo thats the culprit.) im going out today, ill have a look.
  13. Thin Fingers Rating!

    Seems pretty solid 11a to me. Im pretty sure ive never given it an 11c vote...at least not in the last 10 years:) chris
  14. 2 Cobra's w/ android (i think) leashes. excellent condition, used maybe 4 or 5 times. $150 each BD Bionic crampons w/ snow plates, very good condition $75 Bibler I-tent, 2 door model, w/vestibule. very good condition, 2 small punctures in floor that have been repaired and seam sealed. $350 Voile 166 splitboard, 2 sets of skins, crampons, mnt. plate bindings, good condition $350 chris 360.793.3670 call or respond here
  15. BD Cobra's, crampons, Bibler I-tent, splitboard

    splitboard is sold but the other stuff still available. open to offers on the Cobras and Bibler I-tent.
  16. BD Cobra's, crampons, Bibler I-tent, splitboard

    its the split decision. im sure its 'easy' to post the pics, but ive got a good buzz going right now, so if you want them tonight, pm me with your email and i can just send them that way. sorry:)
  17. BD Cobra's, crampons, Bibler I-tent, splitboard

    all still for sale
  18. BD Cobra's, crampons, Bibler I-tent, splitboard

    i can send pics if you send me an email. cant figure out how to post them on here. i tried but got the "processing photos" bar for 20 minutes, gave up after that...
  19. BD Cobra's, crampons, Bibler I-tent, splitboard

    not the newer model cobras.
  20. Index and/or X38 Conditions

    lower wall is pretty dry as of today. there a some seeps but the sun is shining and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer
  21. upper wall yesterday morning

    not sure about today, but as of yesterday morning...
  22. I have a friend looking for a ride from the Seattle area to Bend, Oregon, September 16th and 17th. Please email lizzy@lizzyscully.com
  23. Rogers Corner and BOC bolts.

    those bolts are fine. that tree has been butchered enough by cutting all but a single line of limbs up the thing, and now these are even starting to encroach on the climb. when they do fully get in the way of the climbing, they will get thinned. then that tree will be nothing but a single pole 5 ft from the crack and will most likely get completely "thinned". also, the wad of slings that have been slung to it in the past are more of an eye-sore than 2 fixe bolts w rap rings. if you want to help out index, go scrub some moss, or do some trail work. that helps us all out a lot more than trying to make some huge issue out of an anchor on a climb.
  24. Lost: .3 camalot @ Index

    I lost a .3 (small blue) camalot at the lower town wall. The last time i saw it was at Princely Ambitions but i suppose it could be anywhere between that and Thin Fingers. Good karma and your favorite beer waiting as a reward.