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  1. I've played this game a number of times flying from flat-land Hell (Michigan) to someplace worth backpacking or climbing. If you're really worried about it, ship it ahead of time via USPS Ground service, general delivery to yourself at a post office near your jumping off point. This works particularly well with liquid fuel stoves and clean empty fuel bottles as long as you identify it as such. Or you can not declare it by stuffing it deep into your checked luggage and take the risk of it being removed buy the airline. When I flew out to the Tetons last July I checked my MSR PocketRocket, several butane lighters, and match case full of wooden stick matches in my duffel. It ended up being searched but all of the items were there when I landed in Jackson.
  2. Assuming the Tyvek benefactors on this board exhaust their supply, you can stop by any construction site with a six pack and get what you need. And the shit works great...
  3. Orkney Skullsplitter Scotch Ale 8.5%, fuck yeah!
  4. Except that a trend in judges legislating from the bench (Massachusettes) and ignoring the constitution with wild opinions has prompted the People (remember them?) to exercise their only recourse. This is why eleven states put the Gay Marriage issue on their ballot and passed it with huge majorities in all cases. I agree with the CBS' premise; it's just unfortunate that our judicial branch of government has overstepped its authority on so may occasions and left us with no choice...
  5. Except the "New Tone" was totally gnored by the Democrats--Bush allowed Ted Kennedy to write the education bill, Daschle and his cronies did their absolute best to jam up any appointments made by the new administration, Bush passed the largest farm bill in history, senior citizens got handed the largest ever entitlement in the form of prescription drug coverage--what more do you guys want? And after 18 months of attacking our president and advancing the science of class warfare at every possible opportunity, Kerry says the Republicans need to heal the division in our country--please! The Democrats lost on nearly every issue in this electoin--I think it's their turn to come over to the winning table and finally accept the olive branch that's been extened in their direction since 2000...
  6. What kills me is that the Democrat party's tactic of inserting an East Coast Liberal as their champion has proven itself over and over again to be a total abject failure. And we STILL hear the mantra of "Hillary in '08"! I say, bring her on! Bush didn't win simply because Kerry was a weak candidate that couldn't run from an abysmal senatorial record; he won because a majority of Americans with strong moral values decided enough was enough and migrated to the polls on election day. You Dems in the PNW need to take a look at the county-by-county election map and notice that a very large geographic portion of the country doesn't necessarily agree with you and your brethren on the east coast (and the labor unions here in the upper Midwest). And you'll notice by examing the election results that this geographic majority also resulted in a voting majority. We're talking about a presidential candidate that won the electoral college and the popular vote (something that hasn't happened for four election cycles) as well as winning more votes (by 5 million) than any other candidate in history. I think this past election is a good example of how a majority of Americans are prepared to move right of center but not in the other direction. The democrat party would do well to ditch their carpet-bagging liberal senator from New York as their next candidate and try to find someone that resides a little more near the center. Don't you guys ever learn?
  7. iTunes + AirTunes + home stereo = domestic musical bliss Though I can definately tell a difference in sound quality, my Griffin iTrip works great and because I typically drive in rural areas, there's lots of room on my FM dial. If my Kenwood deck had a RCA input jack, I wouldn't bother with the iTrip. I've heard that Alpine is doing this and would expect the other manufacturers to soon follow suit. I also have the PowerPod and it's solid on the road charger. Still looking for a good/economical carrying case and maybe a cup holder cradle, though...
  8. "That's no ordinary rabbit! That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered, rodent you've ever set eyes on!" "Your mother was a hamster and your father reeks of elderberry, now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!" I can't believe no one else mentioned lines from a Python movie! Kudos for the reference to the Big Lebowski--one of my all-time faves ("No, Donnie, these men aren't Nihilists, they're cowards.")
  9. Unless I'm missing something in your descriptions, the latest version of iTunes does all this too...
  10. Other than formatting the blank iPod when you first receive it, there is no difference between a Mac iPod and a Win Doze iPod. Though a PC-formatted iPod with also work on a Mac, the reverse is not true; you can only sync a Mac-formatted iPod with a Mac (but it's easy to erase the iPod and reformat it, so it's not a big deal--just make sure your music is backed up!). Apple has a discussion forum dedicated to iPod: http://discussions.info.apple.com/webx?14@176.hbNkaW3Qyr5.0@.efbe810 You can also get some good info here: http://ipodlounge.com/forums/index.php?s=ce5c2fba8cd5961e7839d6b74277d009 iPod +iTunes
  11. Anybody buy the "Stone Nudes" calendar that Mountain Gear had for sale last year? B&W shots of naked female hardbodies on rock...
  12. I believe bDubyaH is referring to the Energizer e2 (?) and I can second his recommendation. Since they're marketed for photographic applications, look in the camera section of your department store if you're having trouble finding them...
  13. iTunes with a 4G/40GB iPod; this + satellite radio (Sirius) in my car makes life a lot more enjoyable for this Rural Road Warrior...
  14. And the democrats have a long history of propogating voter fraud (how many dead Chicagoans voted in the 1968 presidential election, courtesy of Mayor Daly?) I particularly liked the Democrat effort to mobilize the homeless vote in 2000 by buying them cigarettes and driving them to the polls. And what about the Gore-sanctioned effort to deny soldiers, sailors, and marines the right to vote for their candidate in 2000 because Al wasn't it?
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