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  1. give me a call....vantage it is 206-817-5531
  2. climbing

    I would like to go anywhere where I can dodge the rain. I prefer multi-nights trips, midweek are cool since I am unemployed. up to 5.10a rock and moderate pace alpine; I would like to enjoy it rather than power it. I am in for the adventure and comradery.
  3. Vertical V thread?

    Ill trust a V-Threads more than I trust a screw any day they are just time consuming to do on a lead but hell even crappy one can hold a lot more than a crappy screw
  4. Nepal Ice

    I wish I coud b there....iceporn mmmmm
  5. Index Aid Climbing!

    Shine on new hammer… like it said b 4 leave the hammer home! Almost everything in index can b climbed clean or with skillful hand placed piton or hook for that matter. Get the micro and standard cam-hook and go at it…many lines can b done there…shoot just give me a decent weekend and Ill b there too BTW if u are into practicing nailing find a chosspile that nobody interested n and go at it get some sawed-off nails and bashies too if u at it
  6. any takers even a quick jot to 38 just need to move my ass out of the couch 206. 817. 5531 wanna leave ASAP
  7. ice this weekend.

    how is banks
  8. Looking for Jeff Lowe's alpine ice video

    old school here....I have it and many more...VHS though:D I cant belive I still own a VHS player...time to burn them all to DVD or capture to avi file
  9. Darrington or anything else

    let me know call me 206 817-5531
  10. Anyone interested to get out ASAP while the weather permits let me know 206-817-5531
  11. I know it is a short notice but I am looking to do the improbable traverse on Guy Peak and I would like to have a partner I have all the gear and transportation from Seattle Send a PM if interested
  12. My Yellow Master Cam broke...

    Why not just pick up the phone and call Metolius!!!! if u have the time for it....
  13. where can we crash if camp 4 is full?

    I guess like anything else conditions changed so a bungalow in camp curry (if lucky) or room from one of the motels on the way will be in order…much rather give them $90 and take advantage on their amenities…well u out of luck there…no room in camp 4 start driving around to the surrounding campsites or motels
  14. Comments on aliens...

    For all, Any safety gear no matter what is the testing agency is not fail proof…the way I see it one will pay for the connivance of having the gear and not manufacturing it. one can always climb Elbsandsteingebirge style where making the “gear” and” testing” it is up to the individual. It is not that I give the manufactures a tickets for lower their QC all I am saying is that one cannot blindly trust anything one did not made, inspected and tested throughout its manufacturing process and life. The method of redundancy while placing gear is there for a reason the method of old school of the leader should never fall is there b/c of hard lessons learned…even with individual testing (of every piece) methods for half strength it still will not be fail proof… I wonder how many pieces were subjected to 2 or 3 half load testing before metal fatigue or how many half loads testing on the same specimen will accrue before failure and where the average failure point/s is/are … As far as the manufacture liability concern…same oll story we have laws and regulation to obey by so whatever is their claims and advertisement they will held liable against it with help of a good lawyer…still till the next red flag will raise and it will… one should use judgment and caution when trusting their life or anything to that effect. Choada_Boy...here is another one ...go for it
  15. My Yellow Master Cam broke...

    Just re swag it with 1/32 (or similar) SS braided cord…probably u can get it from marine shop it might take u 15 minutes and a crimping tool but it is easy to do…another option is 20 or 18 AWG cord from any hardware store it will be lil stiffer but heck allot stronger than that stuff they use BTW u can always use Gorilla glue, epoxy or weld it (from hardware store) to glue the ss cord