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Spring Party in Mazama


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David_Parker said:

Think of it as a base camp: a place to set up your tent, cook food, drink and smoke, have sex, fight, puke, whatever blows your skirt up.


Sounds awesome. I assume substances to smoke and girls to have sex with won't be provide? grin.gif

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If the weather is nice, I'm going to find some cool slope to yoyo and catch some rays on a nice snow sofa. Eat lunch, repeat till sun is low, then go grill and drink some brewskis.


It's a ski PARTY, right?

I'll pack a case of beer to some sweet glades or sumpin.

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Dave--the climbing right near Mazama is mostly sport stuff on edgy volcanic rock. Lot's of moderate and easily top-ropable stuff if that's what you're looking for. There's also some fairly long (7+ pitches?) sport climbs on goat wall just up the road. Everything at Mazama is dry and snow-free right now, though there is water running down parts of goat wall.

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Allison speaks the truth, I'm in connecticut and wishing I was in the pacnw. I'll be in bend climbing with gapperT though this week!


Thanks for offering the ride allison, lookes like I'll be going over to mazama and I can't wait to get to Goat wall? 7pitch sport?! rockband.gif

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Expect some adventure with that seven pitch"sport". this isnt Smith or something.

Just spent the weekend skiing at wa pass. Unbelievable to say the least. Dibs on the bedroom again if I actually get my girlfriend there this time.This will be a great place to throw a party!W

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