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  1. Yikes - major avalanche near Steven's Pass 3 gone

    Very sad news indeed. I'm pretty wussy when it comes to avy danger but I was surprised to hear that a group was descending a "natural avalanche chute" right after a storm had just deposited 26" of new snow in the previous 48 hours and the temps were warming up. I was at Stevens today and the snow was fairly heavy. Does anyone know if they did a block test?
  2. Snowboard Mountaineering

    I like my split. I would never take it up something sketchy in ski mode though. Despite 10 years of being a skier, I'm horrible on that thing in ski mode and the edges just don't feel like I can hold em. I usually ride in my Northwave boots but have occasionally used just normal hiking boots. So why have a split? I just like riding away from the crowds on nice powder. Nothing hardcore about that. Skinning up and sliding down is a nice way to spend the day.
  3. [TR] Shuksan - Curtis Blow 12/27/2009

    Im trying to understand exactly where this is. Looking at the picture at the top, is the Chimney routes hugging the left side and you're skiing down the middle of the gully, which would just be the glacier coming down off Shuksan?
  4. A few of us are looking for ideas for this weekend. Had planned on doing a couple runs up table mountain and then camping out on the backside that night followed by a couple runs the next day before heading back to seatown. Problem is that the snow looks crappy for the weekend. Hard packed and chunky. We want to get out and to do a split-boarding adventure (or x-country ski) including a camp in the snow but now am lost on what to do? Ideas? Baker area seems best for good snow coverage and we have access to a cabin on Friday night Reading another TR below, it seems the heliotrope ridge might be some good fun? With 200" of snow I'm thinking everything should be filled in, right? Would love to hear any suggestions. Thanks
  5. St Helens Mothers Day 2007

    Was really happy to not encounter knee problems after getting Patella Tendinitis after too much running. Also, I'm sexier than all of you...
  6. Five fingered shoe opinions?

    I couldn't get that link to work. 404...
  7. I don't post a lot here anymore, but always happy to get some summer stoke along with my beer. See you there!
  8. Weird Weather

    They have sort of updated it now. Saying 7k snow level on friday through saturday. ugh. I guess we can just hope for no precip...
  9. Weird Weather

    What's the story with this forecast? 46 degrees and snowing on friday? Can someone make sense of this for me? Planning on going to baker with the dad guy this week but this report has me second guessing my options. Is this a temperature inversion or something? I checked accuweather as well and they sort of validate the forecast. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecast/MapClick.php?site=sew&textField1=48.80&textField2=-121.63&zone=1
  10. [TR] Baker Backcountry- 11/18/2006

    yea, had heard that people were sinking right down to the rocks a couple days prior so it didn't sound too good. Glad that wasn't the case.
  11. [TR] Baker Backcountry- 11/18/2006

    Was boarding on the resort on Saturday and didn't even notice anybody on table. nice!

    Baker to open on Thursday (tenative)! w00p
  13. SNowboard Bindings

    Any recommendations? I was thinking about picking up some Flows this year. The Amp5 came to mind as a good mid-range option. Anybody got any advice? BTW - I won a Rossignol Works 162 at the TGR film on Sunday. Raffles do work!