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Spring Party in Mazama


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AlpineK said:

Climbing season is from now through October. Spring skiing doesn't last that long. wink.gif



Depends on your definition of Spring Skiing and if your talking to Robharris or not... Looks like there is plenty of snow for many trips though

its hard to fight a crak habbit off...

last nite at 9pm i had my last beer for awhile. cry.gifYes, iam officially on the wagon. bigdrink.gif

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I want to go ski volcanos.


Baker by Easton, Adams by S Spur or NW Ridge or traverse both, St. Helens, mebbe Rainier?


What's a mellow way to ski Rainier this year? Emmons?


Hardy was sweet, that's a funny photo of Kurt on the log grin.gif


That was the exact log where I went NONONONO oh-my-poor-new-skis, hehe.


Turns out I got one scratch, not bad at all.

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Al and I snuck in on this - I own a pair of skis and he knows what skis look like. Great times were had by all! Amazing weather considering the time of year and the somewhat vague forecast. Many thanks to those who organised it.


I'm concerned though... I've never seen anyone tele skiing first hand but this weekend there were a lot of people with tele gear who looked like they'd used it that day and now there are pictures of those same people. My belief that free heel skiing was an elaborate hoax made up to fool non-skiing Brits has been shaken!

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mattp said:

It was nice to see some new faces, too. Justin, Josh and his partner whose name I forget, you two skier dudes (how was it up there on Sunday?)... And Jordan -- sending Fun Rock in bare feet!!


Glad to here Justin found out where to go. We met him at the blue lake TH looking for info. Way to go Justin thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

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bigdrink.gifI am up for a party as long as someone is up for a climb. I don't have a guide book in front of me at the moment, but Trout peak is on my list of climbs to do. I'm a strong climber and would like the chance to meet other alpinists. I live in the Portland area and tipically drive Friday night to the trail head, dos out in the back of my car or just hit the trail for the route. So, yes I'm up for a party! And a little suffer-fest to boot! evils3d.gif
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