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  1. French Free

    Trad climbing is newsworthy in France?
  2. Newbie looking for first rope

    Bluewater is a fine choice. Don't pay attention to anyone who suggests you scrimp on safety equipment quality.
  3. Gun Control

    Um, yeah. You can. Just can't be drinking.
  4. Lance

    I heard Lance will be a judge on next season's American Idol AND compete on Dancing with the Stars. Which is AWESOME!
  5. Had Your Flu Shots Yet?

    Isn't this flu vaccine another leftist ploy to take away our guns?
  6. house buying in Bend

    Score one for persistence. And luck. Got a place near Pilot Butte.
  7. Easy San Diego cragging?

  8. Long tents?

    Stephenson custom built for your freaky height.
  9. house buying in Bend

    Thanks all for advice. Family is what's driving the search.
  10. house buying in Bend

    Been looking and making offers on midtown houses (<$200K) for the last 6 months, but no joy. Any clever ideas for buying a home or property in Bend?
  11. Hand/forearm/finger strength

    Captain of Crush. If you can close a #3, you're there.
  12. undecided?

    Still? If a voter hasn't decided by now, their vote value should be diminished. IMO.
  13. Leather or Plastic Boots?

    Get the boots that fit.
  14. Hey Joe

    It is hard to resist political debates. Especially with ill-informed coworkers. Mouth breathing idiots! So, IMHO, the one candidate wants to give my job away, increase my tax liability, and make education more expensive. It's not even a choice for me at that point on where my vote goes. I voted a couple weeks ago (another perk of the job ). Course, my voting district is completely mail in now. Do it. Do it now.
  15. Fast N Lite Packs

    I'm coming out of a phase of trying to go as cheap as I can... what I found was that spending $75 instead of $200 very frequently results in spending $275. Not to mention the hassles when your cheap gear fails you miles from nowhere... Whatever. mec makes stuff that lasts. Simple but effective. But you can spend your money how you see fit.