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  1. i like the swing of the cobra...CF puts more of the weight in the head as well i believe...makes for a bit more of a "snappy" performance
  2. White Chuck has got some sweet winter lines. Nice outing D! Summit's waiting for next time!
  3. so sorry to hear this news Scott. my condolences to you and everyone Luke knew.
  4. Bought it for the gf and was too big. Backcountry Gear wont take the return as it is a "discontinued color". Retails for $100, I paid $70 yours for $50. Still with tags and in bag. Just north of Seattle. Shoot me a PM if interested. Pretty much a staple for 2.5 layer shells. More info here: Marmot's Site Marmot Precip Jacket Women's Size Small Oasis in color (light blue) Looks like this:
  5. impressive for point and shoots my man! almost as impressive as your FKA times
  6. amazing Leor...fantastic photography what's your camera and post processing of choice?
  7. lucky bastard...that place is addicting! wish ya coulda made it out with
  8. nice write up V! helluva time! will for sure get 4 & 5 up soon! thanks again for a kick ass outing!
  9. .4 seconds after logging in but i'll second Pete's BD recommendation...good, light, versatile in all but a severe downpour
  10. depends on your 3 season tent and the forecast...i've been up there when you could sleep under the stars and other nights that it howled you can always rent a 4 season in you dont have much need for one or cram into the public shelter at Muir should the weather turn (assuming you're heading up the DC)
  11. picked up the Arc'Teryx RHO LTW...he ships quick thanks brian
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