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  1. mid-July to mid-August if i were to pick a 4 week period...but then again it's a crap shoot...the weather could suck all summer but July would give you better glacial conditions for those apline approaches and Aug would give you those warm, dry days for pure rock but i double pete's note that here aint far off from victoria
  2. i think you guys just need a little
  3. baldy would take some serious cleanup to establish any technical routes but might be fun...we've toyed with the idea over the past couple years
  4. hellz yeah MD! i admire your discipline to not hop on the scale every other day...well done man!
  5. i think you guys are missing the "i" in the climbing destination... if i were farther east DL i'd take you up on it.
  6. although maybe they could have it pitch for the Mariners???
  7. kaylands run med/narrow...if your foot is wide they may not be your best bet...also the eVent liner is more breathable so you lose a little warmth...i have their apex xt and mxt...they are ok for me but i like my sportivas with goretex better
  8. where was that taken? yeah, Forbidden's West Ridge from Aug: he'd be standing right about here i presume... rapping off
  9. regardless...the $400 per gallon of fuel has little if any "contractor" influence as you proclaimed...if i am wrong, please show some supporting information and i will withdraw my statement and agree with you but per your article:
  10. actually a 34 year carreer...yikes... but yeah...another month or so sounds aboot right
  11. wacky liberal? easy there...
  12. nada mito! the article was realated to the fully burdened cost of fuel by the military to the military...$400 per gallon in logistical, transportation and protection costs is the info to speak about...if it were truly about Bush and his Admin's "alliances" Obama and his Admin have had 8 months to rectify so i dont think that would be the case...if it were he wouldnt have stepped up operations pumping more $400-$1000 gallons of gas out of the tank while i'll say contractors are giving the best deal on their "services"...why rail on about things that arent pertinent to the article in question...tis all i was getting at! T
  13. can you tell when Katrina struck? dang...
  14. did you even read the article?
  15. t_rutl

    WHAT?! Poor kid...

    "you guys said we did this as a show"
  16. t_rutl

    WHAT?! Poor kid...

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- A 6-year-old boy was found in his home after a massive search. The boy was first believed aboard a helium balloon. "He's at the house and he's fine," said Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, shortly after 4 p.m. He was hiding in a carcboard box in the attic above the garage.
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