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  1. It was lovely. Swimming and huckleberries were definite highlights!
  2. Since @rat's wife and I are doing girl-core skiing thing in a few days, had to revisit the forum and of course ran into this! Still can't quit oly's "understated sandbaggery". omg. not my fault! Some day, perhaps when I'm closer to my 50s like some REAL climbers, I'll get back to ice and choss! cheersies!
  3. 'SUP! I haven't visited for a few years, and bam - what a fantastic topic of discussion I just ran across. I don't use social media. Like I've written before, the focus on playing gotcha and trying to demean posters based on whatever the peanut gallery wanted to dissect, was just soul sucking. It really became a very negative experience. I had to ask why I bothered "sharing" if I was just going to get made fun of. But also, I haven't been posting because 1) I finished grad school and had to get a real job, and 2) children. It's hard to explain to them that they should just sit still and watch for falling ice while mama does a few pitches in below-freezing weather. Go figure. My current activities include thing that my 6-yo and 3-yo can participate in, like skiing and mountain biking. I hope to eventually get back to sending some 5.6s.
  4. ...and those who find time to climb make the drive to Banff
  5. Absolutely none some of the camping at Banks lake is regulated by fish + wildlife, but most of the traffic is from boaters, not climbers. It does stay pretty busy from spring to fall. And they check for camping and parking permits way more diligently than at Vantage. And if you count Methow valley, too. http://wdfw.wa.gov/lands/public_conduct_rules/designated_campgrounds.pdf
  6. ...looked thin this morning. Pretty, accessible (bring chains for the logging road), but certainly not WI3-4 in current conditions.
  7. damn, beautiful story! congrats on the climb! can't wait for my son to surpass me at, like, everything
  8. Fantastic! What an awesome vacation for the family. And thank you for the valuable beta!!!
  9. This is so sad. I've never met her, but it seemed like every report she wrote just screamed "I love my life!". Word "suffering" was not in her lexicon. What a human. Gallons and gallons of IPA to you, Liz.
  10. wow! always wanted to do that. congrats! how did you manage to hit 45+ mph with the trailers???? i tour with my bob yak, and i would not recommend going above 25 or so because it gets rolling faster than the bike, starts shifting side-to-side and being VERY scary to ride with.
  11. really excellent writing. honest about the challenges, full of stoke... this was truly great to read. thanks!
  12. spionin


    alex- many thanks for the advice and great pointers! now i'm even more stoked.
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